Monday, March 30, 2015

Plugging along

We are going to be teaching Jim Thursday.  On Sunday a pretty cool thing happened.  Sister Leonard, the Gospel Principal's teacher, was talking with Jim after church and just said, "Jim, why don't you just get baptised, you already go to church every week and you know you probably come because you know its true."  But, she said it all in a really cheeky way.  It was pretty funny.  He kind-a just said, "I'm still waiting for my answer." So there isn't much we could say against that.
I was so sore for like three days after zone development on Monday, but it was so much fun. The ward is really great, they are all really nice and I like it because there are mostly young families in the ward. Other than that, it's been another ordinary week.  I'll be going on exchanges twice this week and we are still just talking to a bunch of U students and going by some records of people that we have.  On Sunday we went to the Adam's family house and it was awesome because they live out in the country so its a lot like an American home because it's a lot bigger and there is a lot more space.   We made dinner for the Leonard's because they are a young married couple and we go over there sometimes and we asked them if we could.  So we have a slow cooker in our flat, we made pulled pork burritos and some kind of jello cheese cake. We also spent the rest of our money.  We tried to buy chocolate milk and we found out that I only had two pounds in my account but Elder Benson had only like 50 pence! I have no idea how we go through so much money but luckily we had cereal, cup of noodles, and chicken nuggets to last us till the end of the month, but the dinner was so worth it. 
Love you!
Elder Hanson  
Country home

Elder Benson on Adams' pull-up bar

Adams' rabbit

On the way to the Adams'

Monday, March 16, 2015

Short and sweet

Jim is doing great.  He told us that "this is the church for me" and that when he gets an answer, then he will be baptized and until then he will be going to church and do everything that he should be doing.  Also, on Sunday during Gospel Principals, we broke up into four groups.  Each one was in charge of a book of scriptures and he was the spokesman for his group and he did an amazing job talking about the Book of Mormon.  We also got in touch with an old investigator.  I don’t remember his first name but his last name is White and he should be pretty good.  We will be seeing him on Thursday.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Staying put with Elder Benson

Well, Elder Benson and I are both staying with each other! I’m really excited about that. Other than that, there isn’t too much that’s happening.  We got to go over to the Adams' for p-day and roasted S’mores and it was awesome to do just some of the normal things. The weather has been pretty dry but it’s been super cold. It’s crazy how fast this transfer went by, I can’t believe it, and I loved every second of it. This week we got four referrals from the mission home that are all pretty far away but we are going to be in a trio with an Elder from Buchen because he’s finished his mission so we will have a car until Wednesday and that will make things so much easier. 

We are trying to meet new people, it’s really easy to talk to a bunch of people, but it’s really hard to set up appointments with them.  That’s pretty much how all the work is going. 
Love you!

They put public urinals in the streets on the weekends because there are so many drunk people.
This is only a dramatization
Mom says, SICK!  (Not in a good way)

Monday, March 2, 2015

One hundredth post

Jim and Pearl are great and they both went to church and Bob and Allen are both reactivated and Bob just got a temple recommend to do baptisms for the dead for the temple trip in a couple months and he also started passing the sacrament. We are also seeing Jim later in the week and that should be really good, I like teaching him because we go really in depth with things and it helps me learn a little every time. 
This week we got to move a woman who has been living in Spain off and on for the past couple of years and her husband just passed away so we helped her move because she just sold her house and it was a blast! I love helping people move and things like that. Her brother also was in charge of beef jerky starting in the UK so he gave us a bunch after we helped out and it was awesome. When we were going back, the driver noticed that they forgot to fill up on gas so we were running on empty, trying to get to a gas station and I've never seen anything like it in my life. We ran out of gas right on the entrance of the filling station and just coasted to the filling spot and we made it all the way, three miles, it was so cool. 

We also went to a Nigerian member's home for lunch again and they made us Nigerian food and it was sooooo spicy, they made egg pasta and you should look up peppa soup. 

The work's going well.
Love, Elder H.

Jerky treasure

After SPICY food