Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December 22, 2014

My new companion, Elder Rogers? Oh man, he’s great! I love this kid.  He’s been out about 9 months.  Even though he’s from Australia, he doesn’t really have an accent.  He’s super smart with computers and has a really calm personality like me, so it’s really cool.  We do well working together, pretty much the same as always.  We just talk to a lot of people.
This week Elder Bates is going to Inverness and I almost got to see Elder Simpson passing through Glasgow but I just missed him.   We went to the ward activity just a couple hours after Elder Rogers got in and it was a munch and mingle with Santa.  Then we went to what they call a "panto" and it’s a pantomime and it was about Aladdin and pretty much it was just a kids play but it was actually really good.  We got to have fun with a lot of members and a ton of less-actives came out and we got to talk a lot with them, it was great! I’m just super excited for Christmas!   Today we are going down to Airdrie to pick up my packages and I’ll try to see how long I will last with not opening them haha. I love you and I will see you soon!
Christmas Corn

Elder H.

December 15, 2014

I'm getting a new comp named Elder Rogers on Wednesday.  All I know is he's from Australia and that he's coming from Edinburgh. Elder Bates is going to Inverness, so all the way up north. Yesterday we went to the Christmas Truce that the church put on and a it was really good just seeing peace happen for two fighting people. We have been passing out a lot of "He is the Gift" cards that the church is working on. 
It snowed a little this week and it was pretty cool, it just stuck a little, but it's been really cold.  They have called it a "weather bomb".  
The work is getting harder because people don't really want to talk to us and open their doors when it's freezing outside but... we just keep doing it. 


We went to FIVE GUYS On Opening Day in Scotland!

Monday, December 8, 2014


I am so thankful that Dad is doing so well, I was thinking about how many heroes of ancient times in the Book of Mormon, like Alma and Nephi and captain Moroni and just how great these people are and just how I have learned so much from them.  I also thought about how God is the same yesterday, today, and forever so there must be people that are like that today and Dad is someone that I will always see as my hero.  I haven’t learned so much from any other man, save it be the Savior.  I also was thinking about John 3: 16 and how that Dad is also doing the same thing. He loves the people of Scotland and Ireland (even though he doesn’t know them) and me so much, that he is willing to give me up for two years especially at this hard time.  All I have to say is, “Thy will be done!" 
This week was pretty good.  We were able to see Bridy and talk a long time about a lot of good things that I think over time will bring her closer.  She is still very active in her church and hasn’t said anything about leaving her position.  We went to also see Billy and it was really good.  We had Sister McFedrein, his cousin over with us to help teach and I can tell that he really likes what we teach.  He isn’t really good at reading and I told him that I could relate to him before my mission because I had a struggle but now I have no problem at all, it’s pretty amazing.  He also said how everything we were telling him sounded really familiar and it all made sense and I just said we don’t really teach people, we just remind people what they have forgotten.   I love you! and I know that God loves us and cares about us.
Love, Elder Hanson 

We keep em done

Hmm, Looks like they have a wee leak

Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas is Coming!

This week was gooood. 
We had most of our appointments on Friday but that was also the day of zone interview training and we all got to have interviews with El Presidonte and that was pretty good.  There was not too much out of the norm, so we weren't able to see too many people. 
Yeah, it's pretty freezing over here but at least its clear, I think it's a lot colder than last year. There's no snow yet but they say there will be a lot coming. I don't really care too much about getting snail mail or not. Actually I got a package from Margaret and Joy (members from Belfast) and it was a bunch of American candy for Halloween. 
So actually for Thanksgiving Elder Bates and I made a feast! I made a whole chicken and a bunch of other things.  We didn't have enough cash to buy a turkey, but it was pretty good! 
Now it's December! So we set up a little Christmas tree that we found in a closet and now the Christmas music is starting! 
Merry Christmas!

P-Day.  Now Let the Christmas Music Begin!
I'm in Awe of anything that can play Christmas Music.


Monday, November 24, 2014


I have no idea what I want for Christmas.  Ask Tyler what his glasses website is so I can order a new pair. 
Yeah I got a call from President last week telling me that you were fasting so I joined in and I could tell that my spirit was uplifted and that everything was going to be ok. 
That really stinks about the cars but you know me, I'm always up for a truck, ha-ha. 
This week was really good.  We got to teach Billy and Bridy and I think the lessons went really well.  We also got 40 AUFs (Address Unknown Files) so we pretty much go around finding out where they are on the church records. So it takes us all around the area and makes things more interesting.  We are also in the ward choir because there are only like four males, so they asked us to join. so on friday we are going to help with a song at the Relief Society Christmas fireside and we are just going before the very opening for Prelude so it should be really fun. I have no idea what to do whenever I'm in a choir. You would think that I'd be better at singing by now. 
A lot of things are happening back home but I know we have the strength to get through anything! I love you! 
Elder Bates and I

The big Cumbernauld Library and Museam
This was at a store, Hmmm

I own this journey!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 17, 2014

This week was pretty good. Flue season has begun.  I got sick yesterday and had to come in after church and that wasn't fun.  Other than that, this week has been really good. We got back in touch with Bridy, an investigator that I've only gotten to see once.  Now we are hopefully going to see her on a weekly basis. A lot of tracting has been going on. Yesterday almost half the ward was sick, so it was kinda weird seeing it so bare. We aren't too sure what exactly we are going to do for p-day but we are going to meet up with the Airdrie missionaries. Lately I've been trying to read the Old Testament, I started from the beginning and I just made it to 2nd Samuel today and I just love learning more and gaining more understanding.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Short and Sweet

This week is going to be pretty sweet. We have a lot of things to do this week with the members and that will be good because I'm starting to really like them. The bishop is great, especially since he has so much work to do. We also got to meet a couple families that are just really fun to be around. We are getting back in contact with some investigators that have been gone for a long time for one reason or another. Last night we got let into a house of a couple and the husband had a big job in his church. They weren't really interested but it was just a nice conversation and it was also nice to be out of the cold for a little. It also just showed me how awesome it is to to have the restored gospel that makes so much sense and helps us so much. I'll keep Dad in my prayers, I always do. 
Love you!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Staying Put

Yeah, you guessed it, Elder Bates and I are staying the same.  Yeah, I love Elder Blaylock! He was in Portadown and we went on a bunch of exchanges when I was in Belfast. 
Work has slowed down a lot the last couple weeks but I think it also has to do with it getting dark at 4:30 and especially the cold, but we haven't gotten anyone new this week, just trying to get back what we had. 
We went over to an investigator's that I've never seen since I've been here named grace because she's unavailable... so that's what we are dealing with.  But we are still happy to teach the willing and we went over and just tried by because she gave us a call explaining that she had missed a court date and was in prison for the last month and then found not guilty.  Anyway, we stopped by and she was just drunk out of her mind and she barly could talk and so we just said, "Yeah we're going to come back another time."  Trying to teach a drunk person is like teaching a rock because if they can't feel the spirit then we cant really do anything.  Hopefully this week will be better, we are just finding and looking for those that are willing.
I also noticed that I'm getting closer with the members.  Still nowhere near as close as I want to be, but it makes me want to work a lot harder when I actually care about the ward that im serving in. At this point I just have to keep it up and I know something has got to come.
Love You! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

We All Have Agency

With the shooting in Washington, that’s pretty sad, but things are probably only going to get worse. But we know that things always get worse just before something good happens. The world is a pretty scary place.
This week was good.  We got to stop by and see a lot of members and got to know them. It’s kind of scary still that there were only 22 members at church.  I would never thought of going on a mission and have that be something I would deal with.  It’s completely different from all my areas with about 100 plus members.  But, they are very strong members. They were telling us about how a year or so ago there were about 70 members and it was made up of about two big families.  I like to call them the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s because I’ve only heard stories but they were two families that fought and ended up both leaving the church and all that are left are those that were not part of the families. I talked to a member that said it’s now a much "better place".  That’s just scary.  It sounds like a story or a movie, but they all have to come from somewhere.  It’s very sad that that happened and that people don’t see the Gospel as a relationship with God. Instead they see church as a social event which means they don’t understand the scriptures at all. In the U.K., church has started tilting in that direction of it just "being a social thing" and that’s why religion is plummeting in Scotland, I think. So it’s hard to teach people in a society where they think that’s what religion is. 
Another random thing is that I was listening to a recording of a meeting that we had in Holywood and a part that really stuck with me was when we were talking about how all these YSA go to a born again church with rock music and all the fireworks but Bishop pretty much just said, ‘Well all that we have is the truth and when we think that’s not enough, then that’s a bad thing’. 
With all that being said, I see that this work is just hard, but I can do it and I have done it this far.  So nothing can stop me.  I may be the only way for these people to receive that truth.  It doesn’t matter if they accept it, it just matters that I let them use their agency. 
An update of the week, a lot of our investigators have dropped us and we are pretty much just finding all day, every day but that’s all we can really do for now. I love you and I pray for Dad all the time and I know he will be ok.
!The spirit is so powerful and it works exactly the same as the scriptures promise and always will. 
Love Elder H.

Found this at a Salvation Army we were doing service for, I think I could pull it off.
Soft Drink Irn Brew Factory P-Day field trip

Elder Bates and I

Monday, October 20, 2014

We need to work together

Well this week was gooooood.   
The wind and the rain is starting and it’s probably not going to stop until I’m home, but I’ve gone through it before so I kinda know what to expect.  Yesterday we had a fireside and I did it on missionary work with members and I used a lot of things from “The Power of an Everyday Missionary” book and it went really well.  We really wanted to highlight on the blessings a person will get from doing this work and being a part of it.  I also explained the importance of us (missionaries) being a huge part of the work and how we need to be more like members and they need to be like missionaries.  Because this is my personal view but I’m not sure the work will go much further in this ward unless members kind of step it up, but that’s also just worldwide. 
-Elder Hanson


Cumbernauld in Autumn

Kissing the Kerik Stone

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fast Week

This week went by really fast! It was crazy, but yeah, we have been doing a ridiculous amount of tracting but I'm pretty used to it now. Sorry for not sending pictures.  I keep forgetting to take some and plus Cumberland doesn't really have anything to take a picture of.  Hopefully I'll find something. Not really too much is happening right now. We are just trying to find people and it's a pretty old area that feels like its been tracted out. This week we had zone development and it was a blast.  The Glasgow zone met up with the Paisley zone, they had blue shirts and we were pink because there is this huge pink sign in Glasgow that says "People Make Glasgow". Anyway, within a couple minutes of playing sports a missionary stepped on my foot with cleats and I kept playing and it just got worse and worse and at the end of the day I had a really bad limp. My foot still hurts to walk on but I try not to act like it so Elder Bates won't notice. We also had zone conference and got some instruction from President and the APs it was good but I felt like I've kinda heard most of what they were teaching on. I also found out there were only like 4 other people in the entire zone that were out longer then me so I feel old haha. Well hopefully this week will go a little better, we have some more set up. 
I love the Gospel of Christ!
Love, Elder H.

Zone Team

P-Day Bowling

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

All is well

Yeah, the pictures last time are from the new flat and Yeah, the Shearers are just great and I'm going to miss them a bunch. General conference was just amazing, I got to see all of it except the second Sunday session.  It's kind of hard to say what's new because I'm so close to Airdie that it's pretty much the same. In Combernauld it's pretty much a bunch of houses in the middle of a freeway for the best way of describing it. There are no really big paths, just a bunch of trails randomly everywhere, but it has a lot of really nice parks. 
This week I got to go on an exchange with Elder Fasol in Airdrie and it was just a blast. I got to see the Blacks again and Sister Black literally was jumping for joy when I walked in the door and all the kids were amazed that I was back.  We also got lost in the middle of nowhere trying to find a former investigator and it ended up being really fun. Other than that, I'm still just getting the hang of everything.  I don't really know the members much and we just have a lot of chapping, but all is well in Zion! 

A letter sent home to Shoreline from Belfast from Sister Nicki Beattie:
"Dear Brother and Sister Hanson,
I am a sister from Holywood Road, the ward your son has recently left to go to a new area in Scotland.
All our missionaries are great.  We appreciate them spending two years of their young lives teaching and reactivating many people.  Ireland is a particularly difficult mission.  We have had so much para-military trouble, supposedly in the name of religion, so people are not the most responsive.
Every now and then an extra-special missionary comes along and your son, Elder Hanson, is one of those. Everyone in our ward thought very highly of him and were so sorry when his time here came to an end. 
He has a great sense of humour-eventually fully understanding ours, with its banter and playful self-criticism.  (Let me just say it is unique).  Elder Hanson is not pushy in any way.  He didn't need to be.  His compassion and gentle spirituality gently guided.  He made a great impact on a couple who have been inactive for years who are making remarkable progress.
Elder Hanson gave a beautiful talk, using his father's testimony.  There was hardly a dry eye in the congregation.
I don't know the details, but I assume you are going through trials at present.
Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers.  We are all having to endure adversity, some much more than others, but we will some day understand and see the big picture.
This life is so short in the grand scheme of things and it is wonderful people like your son who make it a better place. 
I'm sure you are very proud (in a good way) of him and you have every right to be.
God bless you and your family.
If you ever get the chance to visit Ireland, please let me know you are coming.
With gospel love, Nicki (Beattie)"

Monday, September 29, 2014


Ha, yeah I feel like I’m pretty much back in Airdrie. It has a lot of differences but the people have a lot in common.  Elder Bates is a good guy.  He’s actually from Olympia.  We are teaching a couple of good people but I still haven’t met them all.  It’s pretty interesting because none of the missionaries are the same but it will be nice to see Airdrie again. To be honest I hope that I won’t spend too much time over here because I feel like I’m seeing a lot of the old things and it doesn’t keep things the most interesting.  I’m really happy to serve here but yeah, I’m going to miss Ireland, it took a piece of my heart when I left.https://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gif
Wow that is a pretty big surprise that Shorewood is doing pretty well.  It’s going to be nice to go to see one of those games again I just wonder if I’ll be wearing a kilt or not haha. 
Ulster is kind-a the Northern Ireland thing so yeah, I meant ulster. I’m going to try to get the ulster flag before I go home (Northern Ireland flag) 
I wear my glasses off and on but I mostly wear contacts.  Yeah, I’ve pretty much dropped the ball on weekly handwritten letters it gets harder to think of things to write the further you get out because you just get used to things. 

I can tell from the few days that I have been here that this is going to be a pretty humbling area. There are about 30 members at church on Sunday and this area feels like the smallest place I have ever been which is the hardest part.  But I know that I was sent here and I am meant to find them and bring them back home. I love you and I have faith that Dad will be ok. 

I see old people.

Cumbernauld Apartment.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Talk about bawling my eyes out (Joy)

A message to us from the Amazing Bryson's as Elder Hanson leaves them in Belfast:
"Hi Joy & Jim, just now left your big son for a while at least. Our hearts are breaking and I have not stopped crying from Sunday night. I posted on his main page. We got him a couple of new jumpers as it is or can be very cold over there and plenty of sweets and snacks for the journey. Russell and I will be forever grateful to Heavenly Father for bringing your amazing son into our lives, he has made it possible for us to have a future with Heavenly Father and given us such hope. Russell and I are working towards a Temple Marriage and we want Elder Hanson by our side when that day comes. I have always had that fear throughout my time being inactive that I would end my life and be without my family and now that fear has gone and Elder Hanson is a huge reason why that fear is gone. You son is doing and going to do amazing things. My husband is a very quiet man and does not show his feelings but tonight he cried and told me that Elder Hanson is one of the best, inspiring young men he has ever met, even when he was serving his mission. We will always be here for him and he will always be part of our wee family. We have also asked him to be the one who will baptise our 17 year old Carter which we feel will happen through our example of us living the gospel. I know we have a long road ahead but I know we will be OK. Love and prayers always. Russell & Bernie oxox"

(Side note - I do have a question, Is a 'jumper' a sweater?)

What she posted on his facebook timeline:
"Yesterday was a day of two halves, Church was amazing, great afternoon spent with my Mum and then the news our wee family never wanted to hear. We are losing our big son Elder Hanson or as we refer to him Elder Handsome . There are no words to say how much our hearts are hurting right now and to say we are going to miss him is the understatement of the year!!! We know he has to go and serve where he is needed and Heavenly Father has work for him to do with other families. I know our feelings are selfish and we know we will always have him in our family and see him again. We are so blessed to have had the Sunday at church that we did, Elder Hanson said the Sacrament Prayer and that was so special as Sunday was the first time we had partaken of the Sacrament in over 10 years. We were able to find peace in our hearts to partake because of the support, teaching, love and example of Elder Hanson and Elder Simpson. We are and will continue to be blessed by the the example and inspiration he has shown us. We will always be here for him and he will always be part of this little bit of Ireland.  much love and prayer always xo Russell & Bernie Bryson"

Written on Elder Hanson's facebook page on September 20:
"Hi Joy and all the Hanson family. I think you all know by now how much we love having Elder Hanson teaching us and how heaven sent he is. My hubby Russell has just driven the Elders back home after the most amazing and spiritual evening. Tomorrow is transfer day and not one we are looking forward to. I know I have said thank you so many times for Elder Hanson and the sacrifice you all make not having him at home but tonight myself and Russell felt so privileged to have this young man in our home and the unbelievable spirit that was here which he brought in the words he spoke. We have had a very challenging week and the wise, calm words which Elder Hanson imparted in our home tonight were overwhelming. Russell and I both feel we can go to church tomorrow with an ease in our hearts and know we are in the right place. We know you are all proud of him and also that he is where he needs to be, this may sound selfish but Russell and I both feel he was sent here for us and he will be part of our life forever. It was an emotional night but the best ever.
May Heavenly Father bless all the family and once again Thank You. Love Russell & Bernie xo"

Monday, September 22, 2014

Good-bye to Holywood, Hell-o again Scotland!

Yeah people are adults when they are 16 in Scotland. In Europe the clothing is a lot tighter and I've gotten pretty used to it and now I don't like baggy trousers at all. A lot happened this week, Bernice's Pastor came by her house the other day and told her that if she joined the church then she would go to hell. So she has stopped taking lessons with us but I have a feeling that she will come back in her own time. Zarah also kinda got scared because of the Word of Wisdom and tithing and we also found out that she has a boy friend now so she stopped contact with us and we haven't seen her in a couple of weeks 
Well I'm going back to Scotland!  I'm moving to Cumberland which is actually right by Airdrie and so I'll actually be able to see some old members whenever I go on exchanges over there. I was kinda hoping I was going to the Republic but whatever happens, happens.  I'm actually so sad to be leaving Holywood! I never thought I could miss a place this much, it's really hard to say goodbye to all the members and especially the Brysons. It was a really good way to finish my service here with me blessing the sacrament and Elder Simpson sitting by them while they all took the sacrament. I don't even feel like I'm leaving right now. It hasn't hit me and so I don't even want to think about what it will be like when I'm finished with my mission.  I now know what they mean when they say another country will own your heart. I have grown so much since I have been here it has been just amazing. My new comp is Elder Bates and he's just finished being trained and President told me when he gave me my moves that I'm going to make him into the amazing missionary he will become, so no pressure- haha

Farewell at the Bus Station

Good-bye to the Bryson's

The Shearers


Johnny Shearer


A Fry Feed

Good-Bye Elder & Sister Forsyth!

Elder Simpson and I

Exchanges in Port-a-down, it's still pretty nice there.