Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Teaching Jim is going really well.  He went to Ward Conference and the Stake President talked all about spiritual and temporal self-reliance and building your spiritual foundation.
Finding is actually going really well.  We are just finding at the college all the time and I’m loving it, it’s a blast and we are having amazing conversations with students and we are meeting with a lot of people all the time.
We didn't get any pictures from our castle excursion last week because the road was closed leading to the castle and so we couldn’t go in so I don’t have anything.  I’ll try more next week when we are going to another castle that should be open.  I  haven’t gotten any pictures of the flat yet but I’ll try to do that this week. 
This week we went to Morin’s for lunch and it’s pretty cool because she is a recent convert from when I was in Aberdeen before and I taught her a couple of times when I was on exchanges and she fed us a Nigerian dish called egg pasta that was sooooooo hot.  I was drinking so much water and I was sweating so much and my nose was running and it was so bad because I haven’t had spicy food in so long but it was really good. 
Yesterday for zone development we just played sports all day.  We did chair football and volleyball and dodge ball and it was a lot of fun and I just like feeling sore from doing sports all day. We also had Costco pizza and muffins and it was so much fun.  But, the best part was just talking with all my other missionary friends.
I love you!

Elders Benson, Cavolero, and I

Monday, February 16, 2015


I'm not sure, to Americans I probably could imitate Scotts or the Irish pretty well, but mostly I can just say Irish or Scottish slang or words. I've noticed that I will say "like" or "but" at the end of sentences even when they aren't needed and Elder Benson also does because his last area was in Northern Ireland, so we make each other say the weirdest things. 
We have people we are teaching - Jim and he's great.  He is looking for a job right now and he comes to church every week.  He just isn't ready for baptism yet but he's a really good guy! 
Pearl is the mother of some members and she actually comes to church a lot but she's still just scared of a couple things. 
Some less actives are doing well.  Allen was actually baptised when I was in Aberdeen before but just hasn't been to church in a while but now he's for sure coming back.
Moligetta is doing good too. 
Bob is a wee man that's just the nicest and we actually took him tracting with us a little because he wanted to help us.  Almost all the less actives we are teaching have a goal of the temple in the future. 
Since I was in Aberdeen and it was the other side of the city, I actually haven't run into too many of the same people. 
This week was a blast. I'm loving being with Elder B.  We have been pretty dang busy and have able to see a ton of people. Today we went to a castle that I don't even know where it was and it took a long time to get there so that's why I didn't get to email earlier today.
E-mailing on P-Day

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

We're doing a lot of good

The interview with President Brown was great!  We had a couple laughs and it was just really good.  I’m not really nervous any more about interviews.   The zone meeting was ok, they did a lot of role plays, other than that, it was pretty normal.
We have a couple of really good people right now that we are teaching, they are really great, we also had a lot of less-actives come to church! 
The ward has about 75-80, but it feels massive because I got so used to Cumbernauld.

This week was awesome sauce!!  I’m having the best time with Elder Benson.  He’s from Utah and we have a ton in common and we have been going about doing a lot of good. This week we have a lot planned and a lot of people to see.  The weather has actually been really good for the past couple days and today its actually been kind-a warm... it’s been a long time.  Today for P-Day we are going to go on a hike to somewhere. 

Just trying it out.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Bridge of Don

My first week in Bridge of Don has been pretty amazing.  I already love it a lot here.
 Elder Benson is so funny, I probably haven't stopped laughing since Wednesday.  I already knew him so I was really looking forward to being with him. 
The work is just a little different, we mainly go finding around the college and that’s awesome just talking to people that age because that is when people start making those large decisions and they are really open.
I’m already in love with the ward they are so good and I can tell that they love us. 
Elder Rogers is out of my zone so I probably won’t see him all that much.
The weather is a little dryer but a wee bit colder.  There hasn’t really been any snow up here. 
My week has been great.  I’m so happy to be here and I love being with Elder Benson.  He’s a really good guy.  We joke all the time and we have both been out a good amount of time so we both know a lot.  This next week I’ll be having an interview with President during zone interview training and we will also get instructions from our zone leaders. Right now we are just finding people to teach and things are going pretty well. 
I actually just read that same scripture this morning:  1  Nephi 17:50 "And I said unto them: If God had commanded me to do all things I could do them. If he should command me that I should say unto this water, be thou earth, it should be earth; and if I should say it, it would be done."
LOVE, Elder H.