Monday, September 2, 2013

Nah' Bad

We had an appointment with Fidel and his wife but he had to go to the hospital so he rescheduled and I think we will see him this week.
With Todor, we are inching closer every lesson but it's going to take time. I almost want to tell him "You're just being lazy."  But I know he will do the correct thing.
The younger boy in the red pants with us when we were at Slaines Castle is the Carson's son.  I love the Carson's.  They are the ones from Washington.
So this week was nah bad. It was definitely showing that I need to go through some more trials before I'm going to grow. The week started off great and only got better and better. But this Saturday was a day to remember. The night before when we were planning, Elder Holbrook said, "This is going to be the best day I have had on my mission." We were going to be packed with service and appointments. we were going to run from place to place because we didn't have time. Unfortunately,  within 30 minutes, every single appointment cancelled.  We got call after call of people canceling and saying they were busy or something. So we had an entire day of nothing. So we went to our flat to grab something so we could go chapping, Because that's all we could do.  I just broke down a little and just said, "Well, looks like we weren't meant to teach those people today." We just chapped for the rest of the day and we weren't that successful. But that's okay because today is a new day and we will still see all those people in the future. We also got to do service for Bro. Davis which was awesome/  I love that man. We helped him move and he gave us goldfish crackers and a blender, that's right! A blender! He said he never used it and asked if we wanted it. So we said yes!. The work is still going.  I have seen a lot of progression since I have been here.  I love Bro.Ware, the ward mission leader. He said I look like Jim Carey.  I'm not sure what that means. haha.  I know that this week is going to be good, the weather is good. and I am good.  It's still a little rough at times but I can tell day by day, its getting better.  
Love, Elder Hanson

Castle Entry

Frazier Castle

Sister Condie and I, Elder Davis in background

One pair of shoes down
These are my old ones that I've had for a while.  I'm still going to wear them out more.  I still have the three new pair I haven't worn yet.
Cigarettes are BAD!

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