Sunday, September 1, 2013

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Handwritten letter received on August 31, 2013, written daily from August 19-25:

Dear Family                                                                                                                        Aberdeen 2013

August 19

So, tomorrow we are on exchanges again and I’m not sure what to be more afraid of, either the fact that I have no idea what to do unless I’m told, like I try to think of things to do but it’s always just mindless walking and finding, or the fact that I’m just fine with wasting time.  I mean, I’m fine with working and being told what to do but when I lead, I only think of the easy way and I really want to be the best worker and tool I can be.  I just don’t have the push I need or the experience.  I mean what’s going to happen if I train, then we will just walk around all day not knowing where we are going?  Anyways, I know it will come with experience but I’m not sure I’m fully trained yet.  The work is really good and I’m starting to really like it but I have to be humble.
It was nice to email everyone and see Mom doing her same things like making pickles.  I can just see her looking at them all done and jumping up and down and clapping and giggling over them. 

August 20

Today was actually really good.  It wasn’t too bad.  When I’m leading, it keeps me busy and that’s what I really need.  We had some really good lessons with people and Elder Kinard and I just talked about how it’s hard to find the balance between hard work and just enjoying your mission.  It’s funny how when I get back I will be 20 and I’m serving for 2 years so that’s 10 percent.  Soooo, it’s pretty much tithing, ha.  Being around all of these converts has made me so thankful to all the pioneers in the family that started being a member in this family, especially Dad.  I’m so thankful to have been born into this church and it’s because of love that happened from a young man that decided to serve a mission in Louisiana even though he was the only one in his family.  I LOVE YOU DAD!

August 21

The work is getting better, not easier, but better.  I want to just become bolder as a person and I just need to work on being more excited about finding because if you’re not enjoying doing the service, it’s not really service, it’s work.  Today we helped a woman in the ward move a piano into her house.  I love the mover because he was a full Scottish, red-head and he said, “I hope you boys have had your haggis this morning!”  Today was just a nice mellow day.

August 22

Today was a good planning day.  We made a couple good changes that should be a lot of help.  We had dinner at Brother Halverson’s and he is an amazing priesthood holder and just a really nice guy.  His daughter is disabled and I just have so much respect for him.  He is just like Bishop Hoopes and he talks to her like a normal person and he is always happy, and he is from Idaho.  Mom, I am scared because I really love these people and I’m going to miss them sooo much.

August 23

Today was interesting.  We  were on exchanges again and Elder Davis (one of the zone leaders) came over here so I was leading out the area again and we just did a lot of traveling today on bus to Tori so that was fun.  But yeah, it was a pretty calm day.  I found Devin’s name tag in my bag when I was at the MTC and it’s nice to just put it by my bed.  It’s busted, it must have broken on his mission or during travel so I can’t wear it, so that’s kind of lame, but it gives me a lot of support and hope.  After my mission I now want to go on a road trip around Utah and just see all the Mormon History and just go to the Salt Lake temple.

August 24

The past three nights we have had 20 minutes left before we could go inside and so we have to still be finding until then and it is always the worst 20 minutes of the day.  But today was a good day.  We got a good lesson and a couple good street contacts.  We are having success but the more rain, the less people want to talk, and the less happy they are.  The zone leaders are having a baptism tomorrow so it does show that this is a baptizing mission.

August 25

Today was a good Sunday.  We managed to stay really busy so it wasn’t just street contacting GQ-ing all day.  Chapping doesn’t work in Scotland but it works really well in Ireland.  So we aren’t really going too much door-to-door, but we do it sometimes and it isn’t really effective.  We had another lesson with Todor and I’ve noticed he does have a strong ‘want to know’ if God is there but he is prideful and just isn’t willing to do what we say.  We told him how to pray but he said it won’t work.  So we asked, “How do you know?” and he said, “It doesn’t make sense.”, and it’s just funny how easy it can be.  We just need to try.  He also thinks God should show him He is there before he will pray to him.  He doesn’t really understand why there is opposition in all things.  But I know we will get him to believe.  I know it.  We also had dinner at Sister Harman’s, like every Sunday.  But I have noticed my teaching ability has made worlds of change.  She was just a member lesson but when you know the things you teach are true, it is no longer you teaching.


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