Monday, October 14, 2013

Trucking along

Unfortunately we had to drop Todor again for now. He still won't pray but that's not keeping us from praying for him, This week has been cold but we are still just trucking a long. We have been talking to a lot of people and we have Lewis and Ewem and they are golden and Ewem wants to get baptized.  There's still no date yet but we are going to see her this week. I almost forget just everything that happens in the week. I can only remember what has happened today, it's weird just because sooo much goes on I never know what to email. I have been doing a lot of walking and I'm pretty sure I've seen every inch of Aberdeen.  The only part left is the people's homes of Aberdeen. which I'll work on, haha. The work is good but I'm ready for change or something exciting which I know will happen. I found out that I'm an emotional person and that I used to just distance myself from people and things so I never really got connected to things and people like I do now.  I'm starting to get used to just everything but I don't think I will fully until I'm almost done.
I love you mom, You have taught me more then you will ever know and you were one of the greatest examples ever.
I loved the cards I got from the High Priests and the Hickman's.  
This is Peter.  We are helping him give up smoking.

UK Fish -n- Chips!

Always walking
See Mom, even the Costco in Scotland has peanut butter

Handwritten letter from October 7 to October 13, 2013.  Received October 21, 2013
Dear Family                                                                                                           Aberdeen

Oct 7
Today was actually a really good day.  For P-day we went to the Condie's and watched some conference just hung out for P-day.  It's weird, I forgot what it's like to get "Mommed".  She made us cookies and brought us food and stuff like that.  It was a nice simple day.  We actually got out of the flat for P-day!

Oct 8
I love Africans!  Uwen is a girl that we found in our phone and we met with her today and she talked about how she met with Elder Holbrook once and we had the Condies there for a joint teach and they invited her to YSA activities.  She was amazing.  She actually wants to find the page for herself, "Wait, I got it, I want to try myself."  She has accepted being baptized!  No date but we will work on that.  She is from Nigeria and we stopped a man that was Nigerian and we met a less active named Elvie and we lit the chime lanterns that float in the air with him and we had another lesson with a man on the bus that was very interested and guess what! He's Nigerian!  He just gave us a call while I'm writing this to set up an appointment to meet with hm.  His name is Lewis "Lawes'.  When they call you, it's a good sign.

Oct 9
Today was really really windy and cold.  We went to the family history center to have them show us a couple things to explain to people.  Then we taught Todor.  Sadly, he hasn't progressed still so we will be seeing him less.  We had a meeting and Bishop joined.  The ward is really coming along and things are really happening.  I am really growing close to this ward and I almost don't want to leave it.  

Oct 10
Today was pretty lame, we just have been doing a lot of sorting through records.  But if we don't do it, no one will.  Today has been freezing.  We taught Gordon Adams and he just kept talking and talking.  We then just tried to visit a bunch of people.  I want to do more and be better but I don't know how to do it.

Oct 11
Today I went on exchanges with Elder Kinard and I was in the Bridge of Dawn area and it was nice just to be around and talk to college kids.  Today went by fast.  We went by a man in the ward that has a lot of health issues and you can tell he just enjoyed life.  A man came up to us on the bus and asked us to pray for his grandmother who is dying.  It's just weird how people think of us.

Oct 12
Today was just a blah day, I am exhausted in so many ways.  I exchanged back to Aberdeen.  We just went by a lot of people today and knocked on doors.  Unfortunately a lot of doors got slammed in our faces.  We talked to a really nice guy on the street with a HUGE dog but it was nice too.  One thing I learned from Elder Howie is to be a human before  a missionary sometimes.  He cancelled a dinner with Maureen because she didn't invite our investigator because she forgot. He said it was 'a waste of time'.  But I was excited because Maureen is a recent convert that was baptized a couple months ago and I wanted to go because when you become with friends with people, you still want to be friends after they are baptized because they are people.

Oct 13
Today was a good Sunday.  A man named Tom walked into Church and later explained that he hasn't been to church for 30 years and he explained that his friends just invited him and he felt like he was coming home, with tears in his eyes, just showing me the joy the church brings people and it is never too late.  George came to church!  Dalah also stopped in (the man we helped move a TV) and Lewis ran into the sister and they asked, "Have you heard of Mormons?"  He said, "Yeah, my friend is one."  They asked, "What's his name?"  He said, "Howie, he's from Canada."  So I guess we are friends! Ha! and he is really good.  We are also going to give Uwen a date.  Good things are coming.
This week I found out that I am just an emotional person and that is okay.  It hurts more when you attach to people but you also love them more.

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