Monday, December 2, 2013


This week I've just learned a lot about myself and who I want to be and a little about how I think I'm going to get there.  I've also been thinking about how I'll be in a year in a half.  The work was pretty slow this week but the good thing is we stayed busy and had a lot of things to do. We are teaching Bill currently and we showed him the restoration video and it was pretty good for him. He is a movie buff and he picked up on so many good things. He noticed in the end that they baptised exactly the same way John the Baptist did and all I could think of was "exactly".  We sat with him and I pretty much just said, "Why would I want to baptise you, why do you think we do this? People naturally want to share good things with people like walking up to someone and saying 'Oh did you see that movie, oh man you have to see it!" People want people to experience what they have and that's just natural so that's one of the reasons we do this."
I was also talking with Elder Edwards and I was talking about how I haven't gotten a single baptism or even had a person that wants to be. He told me about a talk that one of the presidency gave and how he said missionaries are like the cookie monster: What does he do?  All he wants and looks for and thinks of is cookies and that's it.   He's missing so much because all he thinks is he needs cookies, but we as missionaries need to let things just happen and not focus on baptisms."  God wants people to be baptised more then I ever could but I just need to keep going.

Letter sent home, received Saturday, Dec 14, 2013

Dear Family                                                                                Airdrie Scotland

Nov 25, 2013
Today for P-day we went to the Celtics football stadium.  Last week we went to the Rangers and they are sworn enemies and people are very into soccer here.  There is a history between the teams.  One is Catholic, the other Protestant, and Airdrie is pretty much divided in the same way.  Other than that, it was just a good day to recharge batteries.

Nov 26, 2013
Today was Elder Parson's last time teaching district meeting.  We watched the Restoration DVD then did role plays on having an investigator see that and how to teach them through it.  We also went to a door almost in the middle of nowhere and we had a lot of time on the way back so we went on an adventure on the way back taking a bunch of trails exploring some places and then got back and had a pretty good lesson with Bill and he is progressing.  I can still tell it will take time but I know he will make it.

Nov 27, 2013
Today we chapped on a Scottish/Indian woman's door.  It's really weird seeing an Indian person and hearing a thick Scottish accent come out.  We talked with her and things went really well.  She has a little boy and a baby girl and her husband is from Aberdeen.  We hope to keep teaching them!

Nov 28, 2013
Well today got interesting.  We took a bus that we thought would take us close to our investigator's home but we were on it for a while and noticed we didn't remember any of the roads we were passing so we thought, 'No problem, we would keep riding it until it turned around to go back to town.'  Well time passed and it kept on going so we kept thinking every ten minutes, 'Okay, it should turn around any minute now.  We were on the bus for about two hours!  It turned out we had gotten so lost we made it all the way to Motherwell - Hamilton - Eastmans-East Kill Bride.  So we had to take a train to Glasgow and then from Glasgow to least we made it to the flat by 9:00.  It was all one pretty crazy adventure.

November 29, 2013
Today we went 'Liahona finding'.  Last night I got a big map and prayed long and hard about what street to chap.  Sadly today we had no success, but on the bright side, we didn't get through all the doors in the street so there is still hope.  Also, the ward put on a Christmas dinner for all the Relief Society and all the men of the ward helped and all the missionaries helped be servers.  Over all a good day.

Nov 30, 2013
Today just flew by.  We went to see Bill tonight and it was actually pretty good.  We talked about the pre-earth life and he agreed with everything.  He is just so set in his ways. That is how it is with a lot of people here.  They will admit and know it's the truth but they are set in their ways.

Dec 1, 2013
Today was one of the best Sundays I have had on my mission.  I really am starting to get along with the ward and I can feel their love.  Every one's testimony involved Christmas and putting up decorations.  It is just so crazy it's already Christmas season.  I'm actually really excited, everything just has a good feel.
Love, Elder Hanson

On the bus

Saying good-bye to Elder Parsons

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