Monday, December 9, 2013

Has it been six months already?!

Thank you Mom, all of those scriptures brought clarity into what I'm doing.  This week just flew by.  We were very busy because of the Christmas season and it has been really fun. It is getting to be the last week of another fast transfer. I have seen so much and I have learned so much. I have been out for 6 months and it feels like I've been out for one.  I just can't even comprehend how fast it has gone and it's only going to get faster. tTomorrow 
Tomorrow is Elder Parson's last day before he goes home, I'm really going to miss him. He gave me a couple of his ties and that was pretty cool.  His replacement will be Elder Davis back from Aberdeen. (he was a zone leader when I was there) and Elder Edwards and I are staying companions which is good because we really get along well. 
I'll probably get the package on Christmas Eve because in December they save packages until Christmas Eve and then the assistants go around delivering them.  Also, I'll get to Skype you on Christmas!
Love, Elder Hanson
Slide show of my first pair of shoes.  (The ones I
wore at home for a couple of months before I left)

Letter home, excerpts from December 2-8, arrived Friday, December 20

Dear Family                                                                         Airdrie Scotland

December 2, 2013
Today for P-day we just had a really calm day, just to rest, so we just went around shopping centers and did some things around, nothing too exciting.

December 3, 2013
Today was really good.  We had zone meeting that pretty much took up the day.  Then we went to an Indian restaurant with the zone and that was super fun.  When we got back, the Blacks made us Thanksgiving dinner a week late.  But it still counts.  They made us Haggis!  It's not bad at all, it's actually really good!  Afterwards we helped set up Christmas thing in the gym for the ward for an activity they are having.

December 4, 2013
Today was a really good lesson with Bill.  I got to share with him a really good scripture and just expound on it with him.  After the lesson, Jon, Bill's friend gave Elder Edwards just heaps of candy and we said we would be okay but they insisted and just filled Elder Edwards backpack full.  It's funny how much respect they have for us like they can tell we just aren't ordinary people.

December 5, 2013
Today we had a flat inspection and did really well.  It's easy to keep a flat clean regularly then just cleaning it randomly.We had dinner with Bishop Poorie and it was really good.  You can tell that he was a good missionary and a good man.  I've had so much Indian food since I've been here, they have poppadoms, they are like a tortilla chip thing.  I would have thought I'd be eating corned beef and cabbage every day.  I wonder what food I will eat when I get back home.

December 6, 2013
Today we went on exchange and I was with Elder Parsons.  I love the guy, it's sad that this is his last transfer and I won't see him again.  We went with Jamie, a member, to visit a bunch of the widows in the ward.  It was amazing how just visiting them is so important to them, you can just see it in their eyes.  It makes me remember being a home teacher with Dad, like when we would visit Sister Rushkie and the other lady and how much they just loved me visiting them and it really opened my eyes.  We had dinner at Ryan Waric's home and they had originally cooked for Elder Utley, Elder Parson's original companion, so they were holding off on a pie they were going to make.  So when we opened the door, Br. Waric said, "We could have had apple pie!"  Because Elder Utley is a little picky and he wouldn't eat pie.  When I sat down I instantly started playing with their two year old daughter that looks exactly like Zoey and they walked in and said, "That's weird, Miya never likes the missionaries, she must really like you."  So that was really cool.  They made homemade buttermilk biscuits and they were amazing!  I miss some of the most basic foods.

December 7, 2013
Today one of the Elder's got a letter from a sister missionary that his mom told her to write him so that was a pretty interesting way to start off the day seeing him freak out.  Today we volunteered at a charity shop and organized stuff.  Then all the Priesthood had a huge game night, then we all got pizza and told stories and jokes and it was just a great time.

December 8, 2013
Today was a pretty good normal Sunday in Airdrie.  Sacrament went well and Elder Parsons gave a farewell talk.  It was about 'by small and simple things'.  He talked about how we don't need to lift mountains, just our covers.  We need to be willing to get out of bed and say our prayers and read our scriptures.  We forget how simple things can be.  When we go to the flat we just took a sick day because I wasn't feeling good, so it was super boring.

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  1. Dude, there's no question you're working hard from the look of your shoes. Keep up the good work.