Monday, October 13, 2014

Fast Week

This week went by really fast! It was crazy, but yeah, we have been doing a ridiculous amount of tracting but I'm pretty used to it now. Sorry for not sending pictures.  I keep forgetting to take some and plus Cumberland doesn't really have anything to take a picture of.  Hopefully I'll find something. Not really too much is happening right now. We are just trying to find people and it's a pretty old area that feels like its been tracted out. This week we had zone development and it was a blast.  The Glasgow zone met up with the Paisley zone, they had blue shirts and we were pink because there is this huge pink sign in Glasgow that says "People Make Glasgow". Anyway, within a couple minutes of playing sports a missionary stepped on my foot with cleats and I kept playing and it just got worse and worse and at the end of the day I had a really bad limp. My foot still hurts to walk on but I try not to act like it so Elder Bates won't notice. We also had zone conference and got some instruction from President and the APs it was good but I felt like I've kinda heard most of what they were teaching on. I also found out there were only like 4 other people in the entire zone that were out longer then me so I feel old haha. Well hopefully this week will go a little better, we have some more set up. 
I love the Gospel of Christ!
Love, Elder H.

Zone Team

P-Day Bowling

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