Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Teaching, snow, letter from Bryson's

We are getting moves call on Sunday night and I'm pretty sure that I'll be moving. We weren't able to meet with all of our investigators this week but we were able to really work with helping members know what to do and say when they are asked about what they believe.  We are also helping a member that has been less active for a long time and is now coming back.  So we are helping by teaching her the missionary lessons and it's really good to see someone grow and learn and regain a lot of what they have forgotten. Usually it's kind of hard to explain the feeling of the Holy Ghost but she explained how it was just knowing, and so she already knew what it was, and all the feelings that the gospel with give you.  She also explained that she is just happier since she has been back. It's been snowing pretty much all week so it's been pretty cool, especially since it's the first time Elder Rogers has ever seen snow.

A letter from the Bryson's!:

"Hello There Big Irish Son

Hope you are not to cold and you are being looked after J

To say we miss you is an understatement I know it may not seem like it cause I have not been in touch but I do miss you and your counsel .  I am struggling a bit but Russell is doing so well. He passed sacrament last Sunday and Sunday just passed and the Bishop had a word and told him he would soon be blessing the Sacrament.  The first Sunday he passed it, I was sitting in church and was proud beyond  words and cried my eyes out.  Russell has also been asked by his Mum to confirm our Great Nephew who is getting Baptised up in Derry so he asked the Bishop if that would be ok and he gave him his blessing so , as long as the Bishop up in Derry says it is ok then he is good to go.  All these things that Russell is doing is also a credit to you and the work you did with us and without you we would never have got this far, even though I am finding it tough I know I am closer to where I need to be and without your spirit and prayers and counsel I would be wandering in a very dark place, I will be forever grateful. 

Carter is fine and he got a part time job in a brill American BBQ place in Ballyhackamore and he loves it, will you keep him in your prayers as he is finding it tough going in College, thank you pet. 
I am in work at the moment so have to be quick I must mail our other son to let him know.  Thank you for always being there and never forget we are always here for you.

Our Love and Prayers
Your Irish Mum and Dad xoxoxoxox"

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