Monday, August 26, 2013

I'm continually learning

An amusement park we pass by

Haha I didn’t really even notice that I was lengthening my stride but yeah, Elder Holbrook and I are almost rushing from place to place all the time. I already have a hole in my shoe, that’s crazy! I’m so happy that I will see the Rice's still in our ward! Yeah, the couple that was a miracle, kind of ended in a bad story. the night before we were going to teach them they said "We feel we will not need your services, don't contact us again." So that was a pretty hard blow and we only have one progressing investigator. Todor! I love that man! and I know I will baptize him, I just know it. He has a strong want to know if God is there. He just doesn’t know what to do or how to do it and he thinks that God needs to show him a sign before he will pray for one but I know that the only way is to submit and humble himself. I told Elder Holbrook "I will break him." haha 
So this week was pretty good. We have had a good amount of lessons and it was a lot of fun. I listened to the Nashville Tribute "The Work" like every day. I also am growing really close to this ward and I love them even if they are a little strange. We ask everyone what their conversion story is because everyone is a convert and I am amazed every time. I also want dad to send me an email of his conversion story please!  I also want Tyler’s cookie recipe. I’ve noticed that I like the food here a lot more than I used to. They always have cream or custard with their cake and it’s amazing.  I also want you to make me a banaffee pie when I get home, Mom, they are amazing.

But all that aside, this week I really found out about myself, who I am and who I want to be and I know that you can do anything if you work for it with all your heart and if you know you can. I also found out that all missionaries do is just work work work and that’s ok with me. The days are going by faster and I know I only have a little more time on my mission even if it doesn’t feel like it yet. I’m excited for next week and I’m excited to talk to more people and to get some pretty sweet experiences. I love you Mom and Dad! 

I am a FISHER of MEN!

Yes I know Elder Fisher from the blog you saw. We will be taking care of him next week and training him because the zone leaders will be gone all next week all over Scotland to do whatever they do and we didn’t go to the baptism because we didn’t have an investigator going so that’s lame because I got to know the girl that got baptized.   It should also be interesting next week because he’s had it easy with the zone leaders and we are going to show him what real working is. Maybe next week you will hear about me in his next blog haha

Words from the scanned list above of Scottish words with translations written down:
Paul = Pal
Ken = know
Aye = yes
Nae = not or no
Mare = more
Dawn = down
Oot = out
Canna = can’t
Dee = do
Dwaney = don’t
Fit = what?
Wee = little or small
Wee baren or wee uns’ = little kids
Heed = head
Deed = dead
Knackered = tired
Gutted = devastated
Heaps = loads, a lot
Bitty = bit
Heam = home
New or noo = now
Loon = boy
Quine or queenie = girl
Sare = sure
Tae = tie
Kirk = church
Numpty = idiot
Ejut = idiot
Nip = go by
Pop = into
Call = visit
Chap = knock
Thing me = anything you can’t remember the name of (like what-cha-ma-call-it)
Tune = town
Whose or whosie = house
Hae = have
Foo = what?
Shopping = groceries
Corridor = hallway
Just now = right now
Straight away = right away
Fruit and veg = produce
Fae = from
Yoursell/himsell = yourself/himself
Blether = talking
Far = where
Spick = speak

P.S: .Sorry for not having really descriptive emails, I never remember what happened this week 

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