Monday, February 17, 2014

Ups and Downs

Willie is doing really well.  We had a lesson with him last night that went really well.  He always loves having us around and talking with him.  Ingrid has just dropped off the face of the earth, she hasn't answered any of the calls that we give her.  It was devastating after having such an amazing lesson and it just shows that if people want an answer, it's not going to be at their own leisure and whenever they have time they will work on it. I just don't get how people can try once or twice and maybe pray here and there then not receive an answer and be put off.  It's so weird how we talk to people three times our age that still act like kids but as you know, Mom, you need to be patient with kids and still help them.  Man, I'm going to be a good dad! haha
  How has your week been? This week was good we are just kinda doing some of the same things. We are doing sports with the ward and I'm just loving it. I have no hand-eye coordination, but that's okay and we got to see a lot of members this week and we had stake conference 
We've had some good lessons here and there.  But no matter how lame they can sometimes be, they are all rewarding.
Transfers are in about three weeks. 
I'm pretty sure it has rained almost all day everyday since I've been in Airdrie.
Love You!

Elder Edwards Birthday

Hanson Plant

Snow we were out 'finding' in

Letter home, arrived Tuesday, February 25, 2014                                      Airdrie Scotland

Hey Family,

Feb 10, 2014
Finally, a good P-day.  But I'm just knackered (sore).  We played chair football and then played basketball with Scott and his friend.  We went over to the Black's home (Scott's home) and played board games.  It was really fun and I haven't played basketball in forever.  I have lost all hand-eye-coordination.

Feb 11
Today we had district meeting and it was about giving up things for the Lord and how much we give up to be here.  It's a lot and we also listened to the talk, "Feed my Sheep" By Elder Holland.  It really put things in perspective.  Then later it snowed like crazy and we had dinner at Bishop's.  We had a lesson with Willy that went pretty well.

Feb 12
Today was kind of slow.  We didn't have too much planned but it went okay.  We went by a lot of people and taught some good lessons.

Feb 13
Today was Elder Edward's birthday, it was pretty good!  I made him breakfast and the other Elders got him a bubble blower, a mini basketball and an exfoliating mask, one of those green slime things, and we had dinner at the Crain's and had steak and it was a good night!

Feb 14
Today we had dinner at Sister McGowin's and she is doing great.  She is a perfect example of how to deal with the loss of loved ones.  I can tell she still misses Brother McGowin though.  We later went to a less-active's house and it was an old guy with no teeth that invited us in, and just a wall of smell and stink punched me in the face.  It reeked like pee and I was just wondering in my head "how on earth does this place smell this bad?!" and just then, I see his dog that's crazy old, pee on the floor...and he didn't do much about it.  He's a nice old man, but I couldn't wait to get out and breath.

Feb 15
Today's session of stake conference was amazing.  it was all centered on missionary work and it was just powerful.  Earlier we did some football with some members and less actives and it was good.

Feb 16
So today was the Sunday session of conference and we were two minutes late to our train to Glasgow and the next train wasn't for another 65 minutes so we would be late, but we noticed there was a train only in Airdrie station that was leaving in ten minutes.  So we had to run from Drumgelloch to Airdrie in ten minutes.  So we just started running and took a bus that was just perfectly on time and we made it to the station on time and to conference on time and it was really great!

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