Monday, February 24, 2014

Transportation, a funeral, singing A Cappella

I don't think taxis are as expensive as back home, it's probably like 7 pounds from one side of our area to the other.  We only take them when members give us money for them because so few of them have cars, that's how they give us a ride home.  Trains are not too bad because everyone around here uses them.  It's a lot harder and expensive to get a driver's license here so everyone takes buses, that being said, buses are a lot more expensive There are pretty much only two buses that we use and we just get a bus pass for about 38£ a month but the mission will reimburse us. It's a little harder to pay for things here because the pounds add up to be a lot more than what we have. 
Not too much has happened this week but today we had to go to a funeral and speak at someone's that was less active.  The problem was 1. I was giving a talk,  and 2.  I didn't know him, and 90% of the people there were non-members, so I was pretty scared and to add on to that, if you had told me before my mission that I would sing A Cappella at a funeral with three other missionaries, "I Am a Child of God", I wouldn't have ever believed you. We did it at a crematorium that had a Catholicy feel. But I made it, and I'm still here. Today we are in Glasgow to get souvenirs for Elder Edward's family. I love you Mom!              

Letter home that arrived March 7.                                                                       Airdrie, Scotland 

Feb 17
For p-day we pretty much just shopped so Elder Edwards can get some more souvenirs because it is his second to last p-day.  It was pretty good.  I like some of the  European clothing and style and I will probably wear more stuff like that when I get back.  I think they call these pants chinos, or maybe it's the brand, but it's pretty much slim fit khaki pants and stuff like that.  American clothes are super baggy and I'm starting to like the more slim fit.  Elder Edwards got a football Rangers top and so did Elder Edwards.  Elder Utley got some Celtic shorts and they look really Irish and European shorts go up a lot higher than American ones so he looked like a leprechaun. 

Feb 18
Today was a pretty open day.  We tried by some people that weren't home, we went by some really old guy with only 4 toes on both feet.  Since he is old, he is pretty set in his ways.  He is still nice.  It just didn't go anywhere. We then went to Brother Mooney's house for dinner and he just got a bunch of Indian food take-out. I'm still blown away by how much Indian food everyone eats.

Feb 19  
Today we helped Sister Nielson shop and carried all her things.  It was good to help her.  I was so tired today I can't believe it.  I was pretty much just trying to make it through today.

Feb 20
Today's weekly planning was good.  Elder Edwards was like, "Yeah, forgive me if I'm not much help with weekly planning for next week."  Because he will be home.  I'm going to miss him, he has taught me SO much.

Feb 21
Today I went on exchange with Elder Utley and we went by some widows with Jamie and things went really well. They are always happy to see us and we are more than okay with helping them in any way.  At the end of the day we got back to the flat.  I was reading and I felt a prompting to check on one of the other Elders. I talked with him about how he is doing because I could tell something was wrong and I gave him some advice.  The atonement is an amazing thing.

Feb 22
So today we played sports with the Mooney's.  Unfortunately no one else showed up but Ian Smith's daughter was having her baptism because she had reached eight and it was great to see the less actives go to that.  We didn't have any investigators show because we don't have any at that point yet, but we will.

Feb 23
Today's sacrament was good.  We went to the Wark's for dinner and we played with their daughter while they made food and it was really good BBQ.

Feb 24
Today's p-day was an interesting one. We had to go to a funeral and that took up a large portion of the day. Good thing it was very eventful.  So we went to the funeral of Bill Salmon, a less-active that I've never seen or met in my life.  The Bishop was in charge of it because the man is still a member of our ward.  Bishop told us that the family couldn't decide on who to speak, so Bishop said he would handle it (meaning he'd call on us) and we also were going to sing "Families can be Together Forever" and "I am a Child of God".  But since 90% of the people were not members, and the other 10% weren't active, we all four Airdrie missionaries sang it in front of everyone. We were also in a crematorium which is a really creepy place.  But my talk involved parts of the scriptures, Jer 1:5, Alma 12:24, Moses 1:39, and D&C 42:46.  But I think it was all right.  I got nervous doing this in front of 70 people that had no idea who I was.  We later shopped in Glasgow and called it a day when we were done with FHE.  So, a pretty good day. 

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