Monday, December 8, 2014


I am so thankful that Dad is doing so well, I was thinking about how many heroes of ancient times in the Book of Mormon, like Alma and Nephi and captain Moroni and just how great these people are and just how I have learned so much from them.  I also thought about how God is the same yesterday, today, and forever so there must be people that are like that today and Dad is someone that I will always see as my hero.  I haven’t learned so much from any other man, save it be the Savior.  I also was thinking about John 3: 16 and how that Dad is also doing the same thing. He loves the people of Scotland and Ireland (even though he doesn’t know them) and me so much, that he is willing to give me up for two years especially at this hard time.  All I have to say is, “Thy will be done!" 
This week was pretty good.  We were able to see Bridy and talk a long time about a lot of good things that I think over time will bring her closer.  She is still very active in her church and hasn’t said anything about leaving her position.  We went to also see Billy and it was really good.  We had Sister McFedrein, his cousin over with us to help teach and I can tell that he really likes what we teach.  He isn’t really good at reading and I told him that I could relate to him before my mission because I had a struggle but now I have no problem at all, it’s pretty amazing.  He also said how everything we were telling him sounded really familiar and it all made sense and I just said we don’t really teach people, we just remind people what they have forgotten.   I love you! and I know that God loves us and cares about us.
Love, Elder Hanson 

We keep em done

Hmm, Looks like they have a wee leak

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  1. Elder Hanson you are such an awesome missionary and I love and miss you very much. You Dad is very lucky to have a son like you, sweetheart.

    Margaret xxxxx