Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas is Coming!

This week was gooood. 
We had most of our appointments on Friday but that was also the day of zone interview training and we all got to have interviews with El Presidonte and that was pretty good.  There was not too much out of the norm, so we weren't able to see too many people. 
Yeah, it's pretty freezing over here but at least its clear, I think it's a lot colder than last year. There's no snow yet but they say there will be a lot coming. I don't really care too much about getting snail mail or not. Actually I got a package from Margaret and Joy (members from Belfast) and it was a bunch of American candy for Halloween. 
So actually for Thanksgiving Elder Bates and I made a feast! I made a whole chicken and a bunch of other things.  We didn't have enough cash to buy a turkey, but it was pretty good! 
Now it's December! So we set up a little Christmas tree that we found in a closet and now the Christmas music is starting! 
Merry Christmas!

P-Day.  Now Let the Christmas Music Begin!
I'm in Awe of anything that can play Christmas Music.


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