Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Going on in Port of Don

Well, I'm staying, but that wasn't the biggest surprise and Elder Benson is going to Dundee, just below Aberdeen, and man, I'm going to miss him. I'm going to be getting a new missionary named Elder Crockett.  I haven't really heard anything about him so I'm not to sure what to expect, but it will be good.  This transfer is also going to be a five week one so its going to fly by! Other than that, that's about it. We are going to be going by and saying goodbye to a bunch of members with Elder Benson and I'm just going to be getting things ready for Elder Crockett. On Satuday night we had a bunch of Elders stay the night at our flat because we were having stake conference and it was a ton of fun getting to see all of them. Elder Holbrook said he is going to come visit me next Monday so that will be pretty cool!

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