Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Holding Down the Fort

Moves call is on Sunday and I’m pretty sure I’ll be staying and that Elder Benson will be moving.  He really wants to go back to Ireland, so do I, but we will see what happens. This week was a pretty slow one.  On Tuesday I was super sick, I’m pretty sure I threw up like six times and I just drank stuff all day, but I’m fine now.  Elder Benson had to deal with taking care of me.  I got so bored just sitting in the flat, I never want to do it again.  I found a book in the ward library that's all about the Nephites and it’s really good.  I love just learning and taking in more.  We are going to meet with Jim on Tuesday to see all that he thought about general conference. 
On Saturday we helped clean up and put away chairs after a wedding at our building and it was pretty cool.  Here they have to get married civilly before they can get sealed, so on Saturday most of the ward went down to the temple and stayed until Sunday, so we barley had anyone at church yesterday but it was fun, we made it work. 

Just Because 


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