Monday, July 8, 2013

Because we're not doing a lot of teaching, time moves slow

I’m doing amazing! I am finally starting to get the hang of things.  But in the morning it gets a little hard because I’m just a little overwhelmed with that thought that I have two entire years left but I can see that from the two weeks I have been here that it will go by super fast. Pretty much since I have been here we have done street contacting and chapping everyday all day, but it’s gotten a lot easier and the time goes by a little faster. The work is starting to pick up a little and it’s really nice.
I am going to do what Bro. Blackham said and send letters in the mail in the middle of the week, and President Brown lets us email friends, so tell everyone I know that they can email me and tell them that they need to email me first so they don't think I’m just not talking to them haha.
The people are interesting and are the nicest but when it comes to missionaries they can be a little interesting. Pretty much every single person we talk to on the street is either Catholic, atheist, or Christian.  But a majority of the people we talk to are atheists or black people because they are very nice and very open.  A LOT of people say that they need "evidence" or they need it like "numbers" but I just say that the reason that Heavenly Father doesn't just show us is because I think He trusts us that we can be willing to do what it takes to know what is true. It’s funny because Aberdeen always changes at night around 8:00-9:00, that’s when the drunk people come out and they can be a treat. It’s also nice to talk to other Christians because we have such a common belief and they can be really nice. 
One time this week we went to Tori..... that is one of the most dodgy places I have ever been haha. We went to a house and it was like the sandlot where you hear the dog clawing at the door and it sounds like it’s going to break it down. Sometimes i see these people that are really unhappy and its pretty noticeable and I feel bad for them because they just don't know. When I was fist out here I was really scared and my companion had a talk by Holland and Eyring and I think that you can find it on youtube named "Missionaries and the Atonement" and it just really spoke to me and that talk really just changed my life.      
Some interesting things: 
they don’t refrigerate eggs 
the plumbing is weird... I’ll explain more when I get home
everything here is crazy expensive
If you do send anything, send it to the mission office (mom you don’t need to send candy or anything unless ill ask for it because I can get a lot of stuff here)
fit= what 
they use diluted juice A LOT and don’t really have any good drinks here 

I’ll send pictures next week but i left my backpack in the flat. 
 I love you all. -Elder Hanson   


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