Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Scotland Conference

We can pretty much use our judgment about music but we usually stick with hymn covers and stuff like that or songs about missionaries.
I’m dropping weight like crazy.  
I've lost 15 pounds since the MTC

I’m pretty much sore every night but it’s getting better day after day.
Drinking water is
alright here but it kind-a has a lot of pipe water that doesn’t taste all that good.
You said my bed looks awful lumpy.  At the end of the day anything is comfy, but it’s actually pretty nice.
So this week my entire mind set changed. We had an all Scotland conference 

and it really showed me that chapping (tracting) isn’t efficient but it still is somewhat effective, otherwise we wouldn't still be doing it. I’ve also tried to be a lot more on time and leave my flat at the exact time we are meant to and I just need a better attitude because the work is actually going really well and I know we still need to do more but I know we are going in the right direction.  Also I need to help the ward more and just do what I can and bring everyone together because they don’t have many activities and a lot of people just go to church and just go straight home.  I want to be friends with all of them and do what I can for them.  This Sunday since it was pouring rain I thought we should help people from their cars to the building with umbrellas and I could tell I need to do more things like that.  Time is starting to fly by, I try my hardest to not look at my watch when we are tracting and it really helps.  Earlier this week we went to a potential’s house and searched for hours because the streets are completely random and then we found out that it wasn't a real address... so that's how that went.  Other than that, it wasn’t much out of the usual.  I’m starting to like missionary work a lot more and I need to because it would be a long two years otherwise.  This week we had a dinner appointment in a castle! 
Opening the Castle Gates

Visiting Royalty

With the Carston family from Belleview or Bothell... somewhere in Washington, and they are super nice and really into missionary work like crazy.  I just want the entire ward to think like they do.  Anyways I love you all and I know that I am doing this for a reason and it is really changing me into the person I NEED to be and I love you Mom and Dad!

Elder Hanson            

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  1. Dude, that's awesome. Not everyone gets to eat dinner at a castle. Those pants hang on you. Glad to hear things are going pretty well.