Thursday, July 25, 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013

The new flat:
65 Whitehall place
second floor left
Aberdeen AB 25 2PD 
Scotland UK
You can send mail to my new flat because now the street isn't as dodgy but I'm not sure how long it will take because I sent that one letter on Monday that you haven't gotten yet.
This week flew by and I love it. I know I'm going to regret saying this but for now I love how the time is moving faster and faster. This week we did a lot of moving into our new flat and it's way nicer but only a little bigger. At least now I can't say that I can almost touch every wall of the apartment all at once. On Tuesday we did exchanges and I was leading the area and I had nooo idea what to do so we ended up contacting people on the street for 6 hours and because it was so hot we only saw two people the entire time haha and they weren't the nicest of people. At least I had Elder Anderson and he was nice to talk to and he has only been out three more moves then me and its crazy how I only have 23 more months yet. 
My companion has been out for an entire year so he has just a ton of other missionary's music so I'm just going to get it all from him because I just need music even if it's Christmas songs and Alex Boye is super good. We taught a couple lessons this week but we didn't make as much progress as we would like. The work is getting better but it still has some bad days. I also have just started talking to people and just gotten to know them and there is this one kid at the college that is exactly like me... but Islamic.
We helped a woman move and it was really warm and super humid so I stunk.  I don't think I have smelled this bad an been this sweaty since football.  On the way home we ran into a man and his girlfriend that we talked to the day before and we broke down a lot of barriers and we just talked.  I thought we should talk about doctrine but the spirit said I shouldn't and that lead to them asking questions about what we believe and it was great.  I pray that we see them again so we can teach them.
Yesterday was really nice, church had a lot of good lessons and someone didn’t show up that was giving a talk so they asked me right before Sacrament if I could give a talk so I thought of a bunch of things to say.  I don’t remember what I said, I just remember talking about how happy I am to be a missionary and the rest is a blur and I cried a little.  But all I remember was when I sat down, my companion saying that I gave a super powerful talk and I saw quite a few people in the crowd also crying, so I guess I must have done not that bad of a job –ha-ha.
One of the children in the ward turned eight and had a baptism so we gave a little presentation of the Plan of Salvation while they were changing.
Today we are just going to the park because we are running out of time but next week I think we are going to the cliffs.
I just sent another letter in the post so hopefully you will get this one also.  I love you!



Through Aberdeen
I am so tired from moving all day into our new flat.  It’s way nicer and only a little bigger.  We couldn’t have done it without the senior couple missionaries, the Condies, moving us back and forth.  They remind me of mom and dad a lot ha-ha.  We just moved all day and only got to teach an English class and at least we got a dinner appointment which was nice. 
The work is really picking up.  I read and learn every day and I know that this mission will bless me for all eternity.
Today was a normal day.  It was full of a lot of cleaning our old flat.  We went to a charity fair and we made a booth for Mormon Helping Hands and we talked to other organizations on how helping hands could help or give them service.  This new flat is a lot nicer and the neighborhood is a lot better.

Everything is messy because  we moved in and it looks a lot better now.  It's a lot nicer than our old flat....

I feel like I'm in Hogwarts

From hand written letter written home, excerpt dated July 15, 2013:
Today was a nice and easy p-day.  I’m super hot and super tan, it was like 22 degrees C here and after email and shopping we found huge tires and started playing in them and we see a big Scottish guy walk over and he was going to tell us to get out of them but he is actually a personal trainer and has a workout program where you use random stuff like lifting tires and climbing trees and stuff.  It was cool that he gave us a little demo and it was the craziest three minutes of my life

Squeezin' in

Sometimes I'm tired

Another Elder -?

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