Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Getting into the routine

July 15, 2013
We are moving to a new flat next week so I will get you the address then, and I found out that we literally do have the worst flat in the Scotland Ireland mission but I'm glad I started there because that only means things will get better.  The week went by super fast but I'd always like it to go faster haha but I just have to make it through these first two transfers and then it will fly by. We are slowly getting more work, we have a lot of people that are promising but they don't go anywhere. I can see that the more I learn, the more work we will have. 
Everyone knows Torry as here haha, it is across the river from town.  Dodgy means iffy or scary, ghetto?  haha, Yes.
I'm getting used to the ward and there are a lot of old people that were all baptized later on in their life and I guess they don't really know the importance of sharing the Gospel or they just didn't understand the missionary broadcast or didn't watch it. My testimony in the last month has grown more than my entire life combined.  I can feel my heart being softened.  Elder Holbrook was sick so we studied and only went to a couple of meetings.  So, it was a waste of a day.  Missionaries hate sick days because they are boring, that's true, but you just don't feel the joy of the spirit when you do nothing and I really miss that.  We watched the broadcast and it's funny how the people that watch it here said their favorite part was the singing not the entire part about how the ward needs to be united with the missionaries.  Well no matter what I just need to do my part.  I listened to the talk from Elder Holland and it was about Peter the apostle and that when Jesus said, "Do you love me?"  three times it made tears go down my face because He was talking about how after your mission is over you can't just go to your old life (like being a fisherman), that we need to feed his sheep.  I promised to the Lord today that from now on, no matter what calling I get, I will always feed his sheep and always do missionary work for the rest of my life because I love Him.
I was KABABTIZED (the act of having your first kabab

This week went by pretty fast, its crazy that I've been gone for a month! Well I guess I can do this 23 more times haha. We have been just doing a lot more service which helps because I think the ward just doesn't trust us and that's not their fault. This week Elder Holbrook was sick for a couple days and I could see how missionaries hate those days because they move so slow.  I catch myself all the time saying wee or nay bad (not bad) or nay bother (no problem).
I'm really just getting into the work and it's hard because we just have to put on a smile when someone is angry with us or something when I just want to say that "I'm here for a reason and it's not for me, it's for you, so listen up!"  But I can't because that wouldn't work haha.  I truly know what its like to be your happiest of all time and your saddest of all time. It happens to me like five times a day haha but the happy is soooo worth it. Today for pday we are getting tartan for my scriptures and it's from a guy in the ward that made all the kilts for Brave Heart. I was going to get a kilt until I found out it was 900 pounds for the entire set so I'll just stick with the tourist one when I'm on my way home.
You should be getting a letter from me in the mail this week about my week.
Random facts:
In our flat right now we have a washer and no dryer 
"keeping the heed?" - are you keeping your cool? and also the 11th commandment is to keep the heed 
"What's the crack?" - What's up? 
"fit" - what?
We bought 2 kilograms of bacon for 3 pounds 
I  listen to Disney music everyday and I love it haha 
We went to the ASDA (the UK version of Walmart) and felt like we were in a very expensive store... because we have only spent 15 pounds on food a week. I haven't seen any castles yet but I know we will soon.

I have been learning so much it's crazy how little I knew and it's also crazy how much I have to learn!

My testimony in the last month has grown more than my entire life combined. 
From hand-written letter sent home, excerpt dated July 10, 2013:

July 10, 2013

I didn’t know how unhappy I was until I see how happy I am now.  I am really growing a love for the people of this ward.  We got lunch from Sister May, a lovely lady with a disease that she can’t control the shaking of her body and it breaks my heart what people say to her and that people in the ward are actually embarrassed by her.  Then we had dinner with the Gilmour’s and I talked to her son who served in France a year and a half ago and got married to Elizabeth Smart, the girl that got kidnapped in Utah, and he is way awesome.   Then we talked to Brother Davis, the coolest guy and we talked about movies and life and he is a single dad and you wouldn’t believe what he has gone through seeing how happy he is all the time.


They have a lot of different foods like back home and this is just a lot of Chinesefood

Look what I found in the closet that the last Elder left for me.  They are so soft, the missionaries buy them because they are cheap and fun.

Elder Holbrook is a monkey


A picture from our flat window.

A park we go to and contact people a lot


The Church's Cultural Hall we play b-ball in

I love you Mom, with all my heart, tell everyone I love them too! 

Love, Elder Hanson


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