Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year

On New Years Eve we got in at 6 PM and ordered pizza and went to sleep at 10:30 but we could hear a bunch of fireworks around us. They pretty much celebrate the same way as we do in the states but it was super weird when we got out on New Years Day.  It was like a zombie apocalypse.  Everything was shut down and there were a couple of people wondering drunk that limped like zombies so the other elder and I walked around town making soldier noises and going around corners and jumping over stuff like we were in a zombie apocalypse. New Years was pretty good.  We got to have a Scottish breakfast and it's a breakfast with a bunch of small things on it. I got to try blood pudding and it wasn't half bad.  We went over to the Cummings and had a steak pie and potatoes for dinner so we had a very traditional Scottish food day. 
This week has flown by.  The work is a wee bit slow but that's just because of the time of year. This week a pretty bad storm has come so it's crazy windy and rainy so it's making work a little hard but I'm loving every second of it even if I don't know it at first.

Just tucked Elder Davis into bed
Letter home, arrived January 13, 2014

Hello Family                                                                          Airdrie Scotland

Dec 30, 2013
So today was very interesting.  We got locked out of our flat because our lock broke and we spent an hour trying to open it and we had all our groceries and we needed to be at an appointment so we needed to store some things in a fridge so we went to our nice old lady neighbor's and asked if they could store them until we figured out how to fix the lock problem.  They just said, "Hold up, let us help you out."  They grabbed all our things and called a lock smith that would show up in an hour and they would stay here and help until we got back.  So we got back after the old women had even given us a ride to our appointment and we got back and they had paid for the locksmith and it was 178 pounds!  We were amazed!  They needed to get a new lock and all the things for it. They are some amazing people.

Dec 31, 2013
So today we needed to be in by 6:00 because we aren't allowed outside at new Year's so we were pretty limited for time.  Most of the day was doing errands and we stopped by Bill and he's a completely different person when he's sober and I love it.  He likes it too, but he just needs to stay strong.  After we got to the flat the four of us Elders ordered pizza.  Happy New Year!

January 1, 2014
Today we got the day off so we went over to the Blacks for a Scottish breakfast.  We then visited the Cummings and finished the night off at the Warks.

January 2, 2014
Today I was super full because we got lunch at the Puries and they had a lot of the ward members over so we got to meet and talk with all of them.  We had dinner at the McGowan's.  Our day was so packed that we didn't get time to email so I just sent a quick email home.

January 3, 2014
Today we went with Jamie to see some of the widows in the ward.  We went to Duvet's and it was kind of weird. We gave her a blessing of comfort because she is having family problems and then she wanted just to put on a Northern Ireland Country Gospel DVD for her because she likes the music and it started skipping a little.  Her mom called and they got in an argument about the CD skipping.  She started crying and I felt super awkward and her mom wanted us to run the CD down to her so she could see it because she only lives a block away but it has been stormy and rainy all day so that was fun and all this stuff was going on but in the end, it was okay because we shared a spiritual thought with Duvet and we got everything handled.

January 4, 2014
Today was literally just one big meeting.  It was our training meeting and we all got to meet with President.  It was nice seeing him.  He said I am improving a lot and that I need to just keep up the work.  I told him pretty much the only problem I have is just waking up on time because it's so dark all the time it's hard to get up but when I do, it's no problem.

January 5, 2014
Today, Sunday, was really good.  When all the missionaries got to our flat for dinner, I noticed Elder Utley staring off a little just thinking and I knew something was wrong.  When the other Elders left, I spoke to him and he kind of told me how hard of a time he is having and so we went on exchanges to mix things up a little.  I went with Elder Davis and we had a pretty fun night.  No one wanted to talk to us, then it started pouring to make things worse, but oh well, all you can do is laugh. 

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