Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

I’ve had a couple of those experiences where I know through the spirit that the Lord is protecting us and is mindful of us.
We haven’t gotten to see Bill too much this week but I can tell he is slowly pushing and he is getting a lot closer to his family again.  This week is pretty much a week of just seeing where we are going to go with all of our investigators.     
This week we didn’t really get to do much since we had New Years off and a lot of meetings otherwise so not too much has happened.  Things are getting pretty slow because it’s getting colder, rainier, and darker so we have been getting a lot of rejection and been doing a lot of walking.  It’s not all that bad.   This next week should be good, we have a lot of service to do and time is going by pretty fast. 
The other elders were at our flat this week because their flat is pretty much unlivable because literally every person in the complex smokes and it seeps in through the walls, ceiling, and floor, so they are trying to get it fixed... so they made us food.  Then when we went on exchanges we needed to take milk for breakfast today so we left them some in the only thing we could find, a tea pot.

I’m not sure what else to email about because I just emailed on Thursday.  I love you Mom!
A kilt

We got locked out and had to have our locks changed.

Traditional Scottish breakfast
Looks burnt to Mom

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