Monday, January 27, 2014


Sorry I didn’t get to send last week’s letter but I’m sending it today with this past week’s. 

This week was AMAZING!   So, to start off we got a referral from a member and her name is Ingrid. She looks very promising and I have a lot of faith in her. We are having a lesson with her on Tuesday and she accepted a Book of Mormon.  She is going through a very humbling situation. she didn’t have any money, she had no gas or electricity and hadn’t eaten the day before and she talked about how she was the lowest she has ever been and she talked about how she asked God why this is happening to her and we showed up the next day. It must have been something.  We also taught Tracie, a less active and we have been able to teach her and just really talk to her and understand just why she doesn’t want to go to church.  At the end, we invited her to come to church and she said,  "Well I knew you would say that."  She also talked about how she was actually thinking of coming to church just the other day. Well she was at church yesterday and it looked like she really got along and a lot of members welcomed her and her children with open arms which was amazing.  The work is starting to really pick up and things are going well. Elder Edwards and I are getting along really well and we can always make each other laugh, so I can already tell I’m going to miss him.  This week we only got one dinner appointment and it’s been going downhill so I’m guessing we have to do something to change that because there is nothing that I love more than being with a member and bringing the spirit into their homes.

[Jim sent Rick a copy of the April 1974 Conference Address by President Kimball which encouraged Jim (a non-member at the time) to join the Church and commit to go on a mission] 

Rick said of it:  Wow, this is one of the most powerful talks I have read in a while. It pumps me up just knowing that the Lord and this work are so combined that they can't be separated..

Utley, Me, Davis
On Burns night, they address their haggis before they eat it, they read a poem to it and then cut into it like they are killing it - again.

Utley, Davis, Edwards, Me

Letter home written each day, arrived in Shoreline Feb 5

Dear Family                                                          Airdrie Scotland

Jan 20
Since it's moves week, we didn't have P0day but we do email and shop.  So that was pretty much our day still.  After e-mailing, I got some P-day shoes for only 5 pounds which is pretty good because it was 70% off and then we had FHE at the end of the day.

Jan 21
Today we went to see Davie Johnston in the care home and it was pretty interesting.  Elder Edwards sat next to Davie in an automatic chair with a controller and it had a button that just lifted the chair up.  Elder Edwards was trying to max it out and it was so funny because he was like three feet higher in the air.  He just said "Davie, you have got to try this!"  It made Davie laugh pretty hard and I haven't see him smile before, so that was good.

Jan 22
For P-day today we went to Glasgow and it was nice to just get out of our same old area and see the city.  it reminds me a lot of downtown Seattle but it's weird because there will be tons of people on the street but it will be dead quiet just because UK people aren't as loud or they don't do the same things we do when it comes to street communication, maybe it's just Glasgow.

Jan 23
We got to help Sister Nelson shop today.  She's a really energetic old lady that is in a wheel chair.  She got us a couple of things which was pretty nice.  it was just a really good day.  We went by a couple people and had a lot of fun.  Elder Edwards and I are getting along pretty well,, especially for being together for three moves, the average is 1-2, but since it is his last, I will be with him until the end.

Jan 24
Today was AMAZING!  Shawn took us out for lunch and had us meet with his friend, Ingrid.  She is GOLDEN!  There is a lot she needs to learn but I believe she can make it.  We gave her a Book of Mormon and she promised to read and to go to Church!

Jan 25
Today we had a lesson with Tracie which was kind of crazy with just how fine and adjusted to insanity in their lives people have gotten.  We haven't gotten to weekly plan just because of how busy we have been and that in a way is a pretty good thing.  We had Burns night at the Blacks and it was pretty fun.  We had Tartan ties and we had haggis and we said poems in Scottish.

Jan 26
Today was a pretty good Sunday.  We got Tracie to go back to Church and her Wee-ins (children).  Ingrid unfortunately didn't come but we will keep working.  We also had lunch at the Bleyl's and it was pretty amazing.  They have a huge house and are an amazing family.  Br. Bleyl was nominated the smartest man in Europe.  Their house is literally across the street from us.  Br. Bleyl designed his house and named his street Ammonville and the next one Almavillle.  We had one of the most spiritual lessons with them.

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