Monday, January 20, 2014

Pretty good week

This week wasn't too bad.  It went by pretty fast we are teaching Bill again and now Tom, his brother. We left Bill with Alma 32 and we think it will help him a lot. It's actually pretty crazy how I can tell we are working hard when good things happen and if we work then there will never be a bad night. Elder Davis explained it that we get promises for doing the work and they will always come true. we just need to look into the good things of every day because every day if you look closely, something good will always happen, like seeing a couple of drunk guys getting into a fight. That cheers me up because it was pretty funny.
 Some fun things that happened this week was that we got invited to a Born Again church because a person we are teaching said "you keep inviting me to your church, why don't you come to mine?" so we said, "Sure."  and we went.... It was the weirdest thing ever and guess what, the pastor guy was an ex-Mormon so we just listened respectfully and then after walked on our way and the pastor pulled us over and started talking to us and just went on for like a half an hour just pretty much trying to break us down and we kind of just smiled and looked and the entire time he was talking I was just thinking in my head "wow you must be kinda stupid. " Anyways, but we got his number and you never know, maybe we'll see him again.
It's slowly getting harder to know what to email about because nothing too big or interesting happened. OH we got moves call last night and all the missionaries in Airdrie are all staying and that's never happened where things have stayed the same. It's good because I am going to miss this place when I go.  If you can, can you send a picture of Dad and Adam and Devin on their missions and email them and just send family pictures from facebook and stuff. This last week I went to the dentist and it was free because we went to a dental school, and they could fix my filling and it freaked me out because within an hour I was walking out with a new filling. I still like dental in America way more. That's that for this week. 
Love you Mom 
Elder Hanson

Thank you Dad.  It really gives me strength to know that you believe in me so much. Things here are really hard, harder than I ever would have thought, but I know I can do it and bring many people happiness. Right now we don't have any investigators that are too solid at the moment, so we are just finding those that will be humble enough to listen to us. and it just makes things hard but I know I can pull through. I feel alone a lot, but I always remember that you and Adam and Devin and thousands of others have gone through the same things I'm going through and made it, so I'm alright.  You are one of my best role models. 
I love you Dad

Bill and I
Letter home written daily  Jan 13-19, arrived in Shoreline Feb 5, 2014

Dear Family                                                                                                     Airdrie Scotland

Jan 13
Today's P-day was pretty lame.  We didnt' know what to do because there's not much in Airdrie.  We just need to plan for next week to have more fun.

Jan 14
Today was pretty interesting.  When we were walking to District meeting, a man in a car stopped on the side of the road and got and ran to us and asked us to pray for his mother, as he was bursting into tears.  He explained that he and his Mom were members and after I said the prayer, I just wanted to give him a hug.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any information before he left. All I know is his mother's name is Patricia and she's at the Victoria hospital.

Jan 15
In the morning we talked to a man that was just recovering from a heart attack and had more medical problems than I can think of.  The thing is, he was really happy and just had a really good attitude.  He just showed me that worrying and feeling sad about myself just wastes time and we already have so little time on this earth to begin with.  Later tonight, I also learned it doesn't really matter what I do but how i do it.  The Lord will bless me every night and day if I serve him with love.  We also went to Jamie's birthday party at some Chinese place and it was okay.  man, I miss American Chinese food.  It was fun and we got to talk to Tracie, a less active that is now a 'born again' so yeah, we could tell that she doesn't like our Church because there are no drums or guitars.  She invited us to go to her church if she goes to ours and I never like to turn down an invite.

Jan 16
Today was pretty good.  We went to Bill's and game him Alma 32 to read.  I can tell he really cares about us and we are trying to teach his brother that is a super nice Roman catholic.  his Brother gave us some Cola in some nasty mugs that were pretty dirty but I didn't want to say anything so I just forced it down.  Afterwards Elder Edwards said he didn't drink any and I didn't even think that I could have just not drank it.  It was super funny.

Jan 17
Today was another adventure with Jamie, a really nice member in our ward that goes with us to see the widows in the ward.  We went to KFC and Jamie loves his salt so we got him extra to put on his fries and chicken.  We saw sister Nelson that talked about this three year old boy that went missing in Edinburgh that practically half of Scotland is looking for, it's crazy.  Then we went to Invet's, an interesting old woman that's having trouble with family and I just want to try my best to help her.  We went to a less-active named Tracie who is a pretty interesting one...but she is a good person that needs a little help.

Jan 18
Today we worked at the charity shop and just had a bunch of old ladies that were just amazed at us because we were just American and told us all that they know about America.

Jan 19
Today was a really good Sacrament meeting.  Elder Davis gave a talk about testimonies.  Later that night we were invited to a 'born again' church and that was an interesting experienced.  It was pretty funny because the Pastor was an ex-Mormon and we could tell.  It also just strengthened my testimony that this is the true church that I belong to.

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