Wednesday, April 23, 2014


In Airdrie saying good bye to the Blacks and Craigs

Farewell to Elder Patterson

So I'm working in the Belfast city and it's pretty great and I'm in the stake building. The stake is all of northern Ireland (don't get it mixed up with Ireland).  The ward, from what I have seen so far, will be the best ward I have been in. Everyone is so nice and inviting! I already love the Irish people, They aren't too different from the Scottish. So the mission home made a mistake with buying ferry tickets, so I had to pack a day earlier so that was pretty crazy because we weren't packed all the way until I had to go, then I went to the zone leaders flat and went around Glasgow for the last time.  Then in the morning I took a 3 hour bus to the ferry and a 2 hour ferry, and  like a 15 minute bus ride to Belfast where I met Elder McDonald. Oh man, I love this guy.  I don't think I've gotten along better with a companion. The work here is slightly different so there is a little more I need to learn and get used to. I feel like I must be a good finder because at the moment we don't have anyone too solid, but I'm just excited about everything! 

Rick answering some questions that were posed to him:
It's hard to name off all of the things to tell you because there is just so much. 
How was the trip? 
It was amazing.  We had a bus that went through the most beautiful highlands that I have ever seen.  I wish I had taken pictures but they couldn't even look close to as amazing as it was. 

What time of day did you leave, what time did you arrive, who went with you? I left like at 5:30 a.m. and arrived around 3:00 p.m.   
How is your new companion, Elder McDonald, where's he from? 
Oh man, he's amazing.  He reminds me of Bryan so much... so yeah we get along pretty well. He's from southern Utah.
What's it like there? 
It's a lot like Scotland but also so different. The people are really nice and the accent is the greatest thing ever. I'm mainly in the city and the area is a little small but I love it.  Oh man, yeah, they still really pride themselves that they built the titanic, like crazy, I see signs about the titanic everywhere.  
Yeah, Elder Clement is my zone leader and I know Giant's Causeway very well.  I'll probably go there one of these p-days.  I see Elder Clement all the time, he's a really cool guy.

A member gave me this white shirt.  I look like a Pilot!

Well that's a nice morning wake up call. (10 feet away from my bed window).
Get into Google and look into parades or marches in Ireland.  They have the two days off for holiday where the town shuts down and they have marches and stuff like that for the separation of Ireland. I'll try to send more pictures next week. 

At least my suitcase made it to Ireland!

Outside my new flat.
Letter home, received May 19, written on days posted

                                                          Airdrie, Scotland
Tuesday, April 15
So someone messed up my tickets so I'll have to go to the zone leader's flat a day early.  It was good, just really stressful with packing in one night.  When we were going to the train station Elder Patterson accidentally broke my wheel on my suitcase, so now it's completely grounded down and it still needs to make it to Ireland.  I'll miss him.

                                                          Belfast, Northern Ireland
Wed, April 16
So today I'm off.  I woke up at 5:30 and met with some missionaries on a bus to a ferry, then another bus to meet Elder McDonald and I met him and he's exactly like Bryan (Monica's husband)...oh, we are going to get along.  He's awesome.  We got around and I unpacked.

Thurs, April 17
Today felt like the longest day of my life.  It wasn't bad, just everything we did just drug on forever.  There is also a lot less travel time to get used to but for weekly planning we were super hungry so we went to this all you can eat pizza hut.  We went to like an outside mall, it was amazing looking, then we went by loads of people and our only solid investigator at the moment dropped.  So, that was a nice welcoming.  From what I've seen, this area might be even harder than the last.

Friday, April 18
Today went a lot smoother.  We visited an old couple in an old folks home, then went by less actives and members for me to meet them and get to know them.  We had a good fireside at the church where I met the Bishop and other people.  This ward, from what I can see, is pretty amazing and I love the Allen's!

Saturday, April 19
Today we played football in the morning and a lot of investigators and the sisters showed up.  That was pretty cool.  A two year old is better than I am at football (soccer).  Today was just fun, I'm loving it here.

Sunday, April 20
Today I finally got to meet the ward and they are just all amazing.  The Bishop is a spiritual giant and the members are so into missionary work.  We actually have meetings for missionary work!  After church we went to the Willis's and they live all the way up the countryside and it's beautiful.  Then we had a stake Easter fireside and I met the Stake President who served his mission in Washington state, and then was a cop in Seattle after that, so we got along well. 

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