Monday, April 7, 2014

Conference weekend

Yeah, I find a lot of people can "over-doe" (over-do) it when they don't really undestand how little light a person has so that person doesn't really understand anything because of what they are brought up with. Then when they are shown a crazy amount of light, it blinds them. As a member all you really need to do is tell people about your life and if you have the gospel in your life as much as we do, it's pretty dang hard for them not to notice something that you have with you every second of the day.  A lot of members are also afraid to bring up things that we do but that's a whole other thing.  Members also don't need to worry about going into deep doctrine. That's the missionaries job and that's what they are set apart to do. -Just saying. 

I'm not really sure how to explain this week. It went well.  We got back in touch with Willie and are teaching him. He's still pretty comfortable in how he is now, but he's more than happy to learn more. Other than that, we are still on the hunt. We had a pretty funny conversation with some drunk people on Saturday.  I'm pretty sure they always draw to us.  We were at a train stop and two drunk guys fall out of a train and you could smell them from 50 feet away and we all just said, "Oh no, here they come" and one came up to us and was pretty calm and wanted to "inspire us" anyways, so he later said, "Are you not supposed to smoke or drink?"  and I just pointed at his bottle and just said, "Especially not Buckfats." (pretty much known for being the worst alcohol ever, its pretty much just pure alcohol) So we got a laugh out of that. Then a train got there and he asked where we are going and we said Airdrie and he just yelled, "Hey man, let's go, we're going with the boys to Airdrie."  But good thing his friend stopped him from coming with us. Other than that, just been still doing finding all day every day. When I was at the stake center for Gen. Conf., we were talking with all the other missionaries and just laughing about how the district show the church put out is nothing like our mission, "They have a goal of like 7 joint teaches that day / hey we actually had someone talk to us today" and "they have problems with scheduling enough time for finding...  We are lucky if we only get spit on once today"  Ha-ha, yeah things are a little more than I expected. - Love you mom, I'm trying. 

Building signs

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