Monday, May 12, 2014

Great talking with you!

I’m not too sure what to tell you about this week since I just told you yesterday.  It was great seeing you!  I love you so much and I know you love me. Things are going well and I know they can only get better.  Today for P-day we are just going to play sports at the church with some of the other elders and have FHE later tonight and we are planning the game so we have some work to do but I’ll think of something.  Last week we had an all Ireland conference and it was awesome.  Seeing all my friends and seeing what they have been up to was great also. This week we are just going to do some of tracting.  Not much else to do, but I know I’m going to have fun! 
Love you!
My Dad (trainer), Elder Holbrook and I

Elder McD and I on train on the way to Dublin

They like to get their point across


Letter home written on the days posted                             Belfast, North Ireland
Monday, May 5
Well for P-day we pretty much played sports at the stake center.  That's pretty much what we do on P-day here and the other Elders come down sometimes.  Today there was a marathon going on through town so we saw hundreds of people running by the street next to our house.  It was also a bank holiday so a lot of things were shut down.  Football was a blast and I got an American football down from the ceiling with a pvc pipe I found and we stacked a bunch of chairs while Elder McDonald directed everything.

Tuesday, May 6
Today we helped Brother Brockgad move and the rain would stop but we got all the big stuff.  They have a huge damp problem like mildew because it's so humid here.  The Lisburn Elders need a de-humidifier in part of their flat to help out but it still smells damp.  After moving, Br. Brockgad took us to a Chinese place and it was a good time.  We ended the night street contacting people around Queens College.

Wed, May 7
Today we had District Leader Correlation.  So all the companions to District Leaders just waited in another room and we just talked and kept ourselves busy.  After we dropped off some packages the Zone Leaders gave us from the mission home to the Sisters, they got a bunch.  We also got taken by Sister Tracie to an Italian restaurant that was pretty good.  Later we went to YSA doors and gave them invites to an activity.

Thurs, May 8
Today we just were outside all day pretty much knocking doors.  The buses took forever.

Friday, May 9
Today we had an All Ireland Conference and we had four other Elders in our flat spending the night and we all woke up at 4:30 A.M. to go to Dublin.  It was really great.  President Brown gave good instruction and I was just really tired at the end of the day.

Saturday, May 10
It was Stake Conference today and because there was some famous bike race going on in town, almost everything was shut down because the course went through the middle of it.  So, we had Conference in Port-a-Down and it was like an hour drive.  All the speakers talked about family and marriage and all that good stuff.

Sunday, May 11
Well, I talked to you today, Mom.  We went over to Margaret and Jay's, two member's home.  We also brought Robert, this recent convert and the Sisters were there too.  It was great!

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