Monday, May 5, 2014

The work is picking up

Send me your skype usernames and Tyler’s facetime and same with Melissa so I can skype everyone. I have no idea when we are doing it so we could do it anytime from 7 in the morning to like noon. I’ll try to call you a little before I skype if I can.

This week was a little better.  I’m still having a blast. We started teaching our neighbor and she asked some really good questions while we walked around a park. We are also teaching Travis, a referral from the sisters, and James from a part member family and all of them are just great! It will take more time than we would like but that’s not a problem, everyone has their own pace. We are also going to do some more little things here and there that should help us out a little. 

Elder McDonald and I are trying to eat healthier this week because we have just gotten a bunch of sweets from members and Elder McDonald also wants to lose weight before he gets home we are also going to work out at night when we get back at the flat.  So I’m pretty excited. We are also just having a lot of fun while doing the work and I just love it, I love going out every day and just doing work!  I can’t believe I’m already close to being half way done!  Well I’m only looking forward to the future.  

About the suitcase, I think it would cost less to just get a new one.

Love you!
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There was a marathon today...or a walk-a-thon

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Thursday, May 1
Well, I haven't written in a week so I'll just catch you up.  We've had zone development which was super fun.  But I'm super sore.  The zone got together and we played lots of sports and did a talent show.  Right now we are working with the Bryson's, a less active family that I love to death.  The Goodies and us did service helping put together the Bryson's motorcycle.  We have taught our neighbor across the hall about the restoration and we were the first Elders to have a dinner appointment at a part member family's home.

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