Monday, May 19, 2014

It's Good to Talk to People

This week has been pretty good.  I’m just having a blast. Our neighbor is doing well, we say hello every time we see her but every time we do, one of us is always in a hurry. We had a lot of really good conversations with just a bunch of random people, but none of them really ended up going anywhere, but it was still nice to just have a talk with people and get to know them.
Kilts are more of a Scottish thing, but we have seen a couple of kilt shops and a guy in the ward wears one on Sundays. It’s the same with bagpipes.  I’ve just gotten so used to potatoes that I’m not sure if they eat a large amount, but yeah, I guess they eat a lot more than us. Just send anything and everything to the mission home and they will get it to me. It might take longer but it’s just easier.
Nothing too out of the ordinary happened this week.  We were stalled by a march again, so we sat behind it on the bus.  So a 10 minute bus ride took over an hour.  We also went to the Bryson’s and Berney, (Sister Bryson,- they don’t like being called Brother or Sister) started going in a panic attack when she heard Elder Mcdonald might be moving on Wednesday.  Then she also went off saying "I’m going to call the mission president and tell him that his Irish mum says that he can’t leave." It’s pretty funny how much she loves us. But we got moves call today saying that we are both staying! So I’ll be killing him off.  We also did service with Brother Goodie and put together a motor cycle and we actually finished a project on one of them and I was pretty happy with myself.  We also played football (soccer) with some YSA and just got schooled.  They went pretty easy on us but it was still a lot of fun and every time we messed up, we just blamed it on being American because everyone here is amazing at football and that’s like, all they ever do.  
Entrance to Holywood [Suburb]

Belfast District

I did the table challenge where you need to climb under and over a table... its really hard. 


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