Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Come-on Members! Drop Us a Bone Here!

Sorry for not writing until today.  We had ANOTHER bank holiday so all the libraries were closed. Well, we just finished a five week transfer.  That only happens once a year in order to match up with the MTC and how it needs to get cleaned and all that stuff. So it went by incredibly fast.  I can’t even believe it, just to show you that missions aren’t easy, we only got one other lesson in all the 5 weeks and we still don’t have a single investigator!!!  That’s crazy! The other day I was down on myself because we literally have nothing to show for all our work and the ward probably thinks we are just wasters even though we are finding like mad, but that being said there really isn’t much we can do.  It's okay, it's really not that bad.  When you get used to a hard difficulty all the time, it becomes the norm. There is no reason to get upset about something you can’t control and I’m still having a blast. The ward still loves us and we work with a lot of less actives and it's nice being there for them. 
Some cool stories: we went over to the Bryson’s and found out that the day before, Bernie (the mom), works as a special needs teacher and was in the middle of a school stabbing.  She was not stabbed, but she was covered in blood from one of the students that did the stabbing.  The student didn’t fully comprehend what he did and it was all too much for her.  The other kid that was stabbed was in critical condition.  When she told us and we just were there and she just vented to us.  When we got there, she was just shaking with stress but after listening to her, in the end we were joking and having fun. 
Another story, we went over to a part member family and their son is deaf but he went on these crazy adventures in Africa and told us all about them.  After our visit he gave us a ride to family home evening. You wouldn’t have been able to tell he was even deaf unless he spoke, which wasn’t even that bad, but he could just read lips so well and he could drive!  I would be terrified. 

The other day I was looking through my T book.  It’s pretty much just like a year book where you have missionaries write in it when they leave, and I noticed that all of them told me that I taught them how to have fun and enjoy their mission and not to be so stressed out, but I would have never seen myself as fun or stress free. It’s nice to reflect on all those things. 

On Wednesday we went to a castle for p-day because it was moves week and it was a lot of fun.

Love you!

P-Day Visiting a castle

A balancing act

Me, Sister Brand, Elder McDonald

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