Monday, July 21, 2014

Always Finding (tracting)

On Monday I had sent an email to President about Adam and he called me later in the week and explained that because he was taken early or just the fact that it came to the end of his life kinda like Jeannette, that it's kind of more incredible because it means that Heavenly Father must need them and that they have work to do that's even better than being here on earth, because coming here is so amazing, I just can't imagine the great things they are doing. 
Tell Devin he stinks at emailing even though he can just do it on his phone whenever he wants. 
Yeah, the picture of me without a jacket was just a normal day because I've just gotten so used to the rain it was raining all day. It's been so hot and humid here that you're almost as wet inside your jacket as on the outside if its raining so I don't usually wear it that much this time of year. We are going to see the Brysons on Wednesday but we haven't been able to get in contact with the boy that came to church last week. We are now teaching a man named Neil, that should make things exciting. We just got a new ward mission leader, Bro. Sheerer and I'm pretty excited.  He's stoked and he has already been a ward mission leader before and a Bishop before so I see a lot of good things coming. I'm pretty sure I've only had like 3 or 4 investigators since I've been to this area and it's weird because apparently in other missions they never get that few but I guess I've just gotten used to the dificulty and this is all I know.  I have no idea what it would be like having trouble fitting in time for people and this mission is so different. I dont think I'll have a day on my mission where I'm not just finding for most of it, but I've gotten used to it. We always talk about our other friends on missions that are upset because only like three people get baptised instead of five, but I don't think I've had anywhere near that my entire mission. So it just makes me think just, 'Why is this so hard?', and I was reading just about Lehi and that just like Noah, he was commanded to teach the people but not a single person went with him outside of his family. Then I thought well why would God command someone to do something if He knew no one would follow him. Well it was because God needed him to do that to prepare Lehi to be able to travel to the Americas and the same with Noah saving his family. So it's funny because I'm really gaining from all this hard work even though this is the most selfless thing I will do, I'm pretty much getting more than I would ever have thought. 

Through all the trials that I have gone through in the last 13 months and will go through, it has been a struggle non-stop and as soon as a trial is accomplished, another much harder one comes following right after.  But I know if I did go through the previous ones that I would be able to make it through the next ones. I have learned so much about myself and am truly thankful for you allowing me to have the privilege of bringing me up with wanting to go on a mission and now going out. Most importantly, I have gotten to know who Heavenly Father is and that's something priceless.  I know that He really is there and hears mine and your prayers and knows exactly what we are going through and he most importantly, knows who we are going to be after this life and I just love Him for that. Thank you dad, in your trial at this time it gives me strength. Its almost ridiculous how hard this mission is, I just know I can make it through.  I love you with everything I have!  

Love, Rick

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