Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday July 14, 2014

​That's just so crazy to hear of Jeannette's passing. I don't know what it would be like with her not around but that's very beautiful that she and Bruce will finally be together again and the thing is that I'm so happy I have gone through all that I have on my mission to KNOW that they will. ​
This week was pretty intense.  I waned to hold off on talking about the 11th and 12th as long as I could so you wouldn't freak out haha. This time of year in Belfast is when they start the marches and riots and the BON FIRES.  People have been putting up flags and signs all week about the orange order and Protestant things all over along with celebrating their independence from Ireland. This time of the year is kind of hard around here because Catholics and Protestants are too busy fighting and being angry with each other so it's hard to get them to focus on something else. We had to go in early both on those days but other than that, things are starting to look up we got back in touch with Sam we have three more people that will become investigators if we see them next week.  Yesterday at church, two young guys walked in and we talked to them and one is visiting from America and brought his non-member friend Jordan to church and they both stayed all the way through and we ended up teaching the young man, so it was perfect. We will hopefully see him this week.  I could tell he was pretty prepared and his friend already gave him a Book of Mormon. 
Love. Elder H.

Pallet tower set up to burn later in the day.

View from my window later that night of the fire burning across the way.

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