Monday, July 28, 2014

Keep on Tractin'!

​This week we had chapped on a woman's door named Penny and she was really interested and we were so excited because she wanted us to come back on Saturday and we got dermott as a joint teach, he's just the sweetest member ever but when we went by, she didn't answer the door. Pretty much the same thing happened with Sam, we scheduled another appointment but he must have forgotten because we got no answer.  We also were tracting near the university this week and met a girl named Edna but when we went for a return appointment, she said she was busy at the moment. This email sounds pretty depressing but that's all that happened this week. We have one investigator still, Neil, and he's still doing good.  We still have a lot of work to do but I'm lovin it. There's lots of tracting, but I'm still having a blast. It's hard to think of things to write when you tract a lot. The work is slow, but it's still work. 

On Tuesday I went to Port-a-down with Elder Cavalero and it was just a blast. He's from Italy so he taught me a little Italian and I just love him.  He's a lot of fun to be around. He didn't know any English before his mission and now he has less of an accent than most people that have been speaking English for years and years. We did service, oh man, I love service! Then we went over to the Carrie's for dinner and finished the night with getting a carton of ice cream each, because it was the hottest day ever, and we stayed up late just talking and eating ice cream. 
Another thing I realized is that I sweat more then any other person on earth. We got let into a less active family's home and it was another ridiculously hot day and they don't have fans because it never gets that hot so I was afraid to get up because I knew that when I got up, there would just be a shadow of me from sweat, haha. The humidity makes it pretty bad. I had to go home and change my shirt because it was mangin (nasty) but I just thought it was super funny.
Dad, you are going through so much, more than I ever hope to go through, but I know you are strong and will be for many more great years.  I know that the members are great and that they care and have helped our family forever and I feel strength every time I think about you.  I love you and hope this week goes better.

I shot Elder Simpson!
He has Chrones and has to get a shot every 2 weeks.

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