Monday, July 7, 2014

It's the Best

July 7, 2014

Elder Simpson is great. He is from Battleground Washington.  He came out the same day as I did.  He's a really nice guy. This is his first time in Ireland. The work has slowed down even more because of all the moving around and me being busy all the time with helping other missionaries. Over all it was just a crazy week. We got to talk to a couple of people and and gave out a few Books of Mormon, we just keep working at it. I don't know what else to say about finding and tracting because that's pretty much all we do. Nothing especially exciting has happened this week, we have a couple of people that we might try by later to see what they thought of the Book Of Mormon. I'm still kinda keeping the letters up, I just keep forgetting to send them. I knew that when the summer picked up that things would get pretty exciting. 

This week was just crazy.  So Elder McDonald left on Monday and then I was with Elder Benson because his comp went home also (Elder Holbrook) until Tuesday, then I was with Elder Dalton and Fisher for a day and THEN I was with Elder Carter, oh man, I love Elder Carter.  The zone leaders needed us to drive people and get their luggage back and forth all day and I haven't had more fun. We also had service in the middle of this so we had to change and do a bunch of stuff but the Bangor elders (Elder Benson and Burch) let us borrow their car for the day and I miss being in a car so much.  I couldn't drive because my licence won't work over a year. That's just crazy that I've been out that long. Elder Carter and I just had a blast being busy non-stop and helping people all the time. But since Friday, I finally have Elder Simpson and things are going really well. He is amazing at the guitar.  The ward is helping us out a lot this week with a lot of service projects.  Bro. White also got released as ward mission leader and he was the best one I've ever had, but now we have Bro. Sheerer but I just know he's going to be amazing. I love you.  I love this mission, it's the best in the world. 
Love,  Elder Hanson

In a car!  Going to do service.
Elder Carter and I in the front, Elder Burch and Benson in the back.

I love Elder Burch!  He's huge!

June 30, 2014
My birthday was actually pretty lame. Elder McDonald was sick so we ended up going in early that day and other than that, it was just a normal day. Later this weekend it made up for it because members had us over because they wanted to say goodbye to him and I got a t-shirt from the Bryson's that says Belfast on it and I've just had a blast every day since then because we were just packed with things Elder Mcdonald wanted to do before he went home. On p-day we went to a couple places, we went to the dark hedge and the carrick, a red rope bridge and it was pretty amazing that's why our emailing was cut a little short. 
We haven't gotten in touch with Sam again for a while but we are going to keep trying. Yeah I'm going to miss Elder McD like crazy!  It was probably the hardest to say goodbye to him than I have had before.  My new companion is named Elder Simpson coming from Paisley zone and I won't get to meet him until Wednesday.  

People blame God for the struggles they've gone through here, but they don't really understand everything behind it.  I've seen that people see the church more as man-made, if you look at all the churches around here that were set up by people, and they just connect the two, and I think that they blame God mainly just because its easier. 
That's also their choice. I am inspired by the steady members in this ward. 

This week was a fun one.  We had a lot to do.  My companion, Elder M. went home and he just explained that it doesn't feel like it's possible and that time passes so fast. I am now starting to see time move like crazy and there is just so much I have left to do and I feel like there is so little I have done, but I'm just excited for my growth. 

Love, Elder H.

The suspension bridge!

Ehhh, I'm used to rain

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