Monday, August 11, 2014

Busy Week

Wow, Zoey and Ivy have gotten so big!
This week was really good, just really interesting.  On Monday we got to go to Giants Causeway!  It was pretty awesome.   Earlier on in the week we got to do service for a member that was renting out their house while they lived in Germany and the woman that they rented it out to just disappeared.  So we had to help clean out the house after it was pretty wrecked and we found a bunch of witchcraft books and things that were pretty creepy and so as you would, we burned all the books haha.  Then we also gave a blessing on the house but it was an interesting experience.
We also had a pretty amazing experience with the Bryson’s and I can see how missions make you love random strangers.  Another thing is that we got a new investigator named Lucas and his two brothers.  They are Romanian and they are pretty great.  They all three have their own families that we are teaching and Lucas played Happy Birthday to Elder Simpson on the 9th.  They all came to church.... well they actually went to another church haha!  They ended up going to another church on the same road because they got the wrong directions, so... we have a little clearing up to do haha, but the work is going well.  
This week I really have realized just how much I love studying the scriptures and learning. I just love it and want to continue to do it for the rest of my life. I am really excited that I can officially say that I'll make it to next year.   I'm also excited to get back to warm dry summers.  It's been pretty cold this week and really rainy. I'm pretty sure I won't be affected by rain for the rest of my life.  Dad, I love you and hope you just keep getting better. 
We got moves call last night and we are staying the same for another 6 weeks!        

Walking through Dark Hedges

Dinner with the Senior missionaries, the Forsythe's

Giant's Causeway

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