Monday, August 4, 2014


This week was an interesting one! 
For starters, the Rosetta sisters (the sisters in our ward) needed to move to Lisburn because they had an investigator that was a sex offender with a criminal record who had found out where they had lived and stuff like that, so they were emergency moved to Lisburn.  So at the start of the next transfer, we will get two new Elders to replace them. This Sunday was the first Sunday of my mission where I had an entire ward to myself and my companion. The Bishop sat us down, knowing that the sisters have had a huge amount of success non-stop for years, and said that we had to work pretty much overtime to catch up.  We were more than happy to take it on. So far we have gotten 3 referrals from members and two more from other missionaries in Bangor.  We are a lot more busy or we will be until the new Elders come in and I just love being busy, it’s awesome!  We taught a woman named Bernice IN A MEMBER'S HOME!  I have never gotten a referral on my mission so far where a member has invited the person to take the discussions, they are usually just members pointing at houses, telling us to go for it, but it’s pretty much worthless at that point because the person has no idea why we are there. We taught Bernice in Sister Tracey’s home. Sister Tracey has been friends with her for years and Bernice has had a lot of questions that needed answering and Sister Tracey said,  “Well, I think I can help you answer those.”  We will be teaching her every Saturday and this is probably the most golden investigator that I have had on my mission!!  I am so thankful because we really did nothing, it was all the member’s work and Bernice being prepared by Heavenly Father. 

As for Sunday, I just bore my testimony on how thankful I was to help sister Tracey and to be a missionary. I could tell it set the mood for the rest of testimony meeting and it was just amazing. I think just having so much discouragement for the last four months, or even the last year, has just made me so thankful for the little things.  I’m just thankful to teach one person and some missionaries baptize like 10 people a week, but I feel like I understand joy the way that I could only learn it through this way. Things are looking up, we are working with a lot of people and I am thankful to be a part of these miracles.
I love you!   

The wrong end of a BIG gun

Monk-eying Around


A text that Sister Tracey sent this week

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