Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fast Week

Yeah the Bryson’s are pretty amazing!   I feel pretty blessed to be in their lives and yeah, I will probably always know them as my Irish family.  This week went by really fast and it was just really good!  We won’t be able to see Zarah until later this week because she’s been on holiday in London.  We got to teach Bernice and we were going to show her the Joseph Smith Story but Sister Tracey only had one of the super old versions and it was kind-a weird but I just laughed because it was like a seminary video.  I think other than that it all went well though. 
Today I’m super sore from zone development because we played sports all day, I love it!  I learned rugby and got to play a lot of football and American football.  
I think if you find the Forsythe’s on FB, that they post a lot of pictures. We had a ward BBQ and I just love watching European people try to do a BBQ, it’s pretty funny. 
I also got to go on exchange with Elder Tarbet and I was his first exchange (his Godfather) and I love being around greenies, they make me feel so old and you can tell when someone is one. It’s still crazy that Luke is married, but keep the pictures up.  I love seeing all that’s going on. Hopefully I’ll have more to tell you next week. I love you! This week I read the talk “Being Perfect in Christ”, and I’m pretty sure that’s one of my favorites right now, especially with how much it applies to missionaries.  
Love, Elder H.

I found some hair gel so I thought I'd try it out.

Elder Simpson and I had a 'hankerin' for a Kabab

Pretty good bang up in zone development sports but it was worth it!

A small quad just like I want with a tartan cover and my name tag.

Zone Development Day.

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