Monday, November 3, 2014

Staying Put

Yeah, you guessed it, Elder Bates and I are staying the same.  Yeah, I love Elder Blaylock! He was in Portadown and we went on a bunch of exchanges when I was in Belfast. 
Work has slowed down a lot the last couple weeks but I think it also has to do with it getting dark at 4:30 and especially the cold, but we haven't gotten anyone new this week, just trying to get back what we had. 
We went over to an investigator's that I've never seen since I've been here named grace because she's unavailable... so that's what we are dealing with.  But we are still happy to teach the willing and we went over and just tried by because she gave us a call explaining that she had missed a court date and was in prison for the last month and then found not guilty.  Anyway, we stopped by and she was just drunk out of her mind and she barly could talk and so we just said, "Yeah we're going to come back another time."  Trying to teach a drunk person is like teaching a rock because if they can't feel the spirit then we cant really do anything.  Hopefully this week will be better, we are just finding and looking for those that are willing.
I also noticed that I'm getting closer with the members.  Still nowhere near as close as I want to be, but it makes me want to work a lot harder when I actually care about the ward that im serving in. At this point I just have to keep it up and I know something has got to come.
Love You! 

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