Monday, February 16, 2015


I'm not sure, to Americans I probably could imitate Scotts or the Irish pretty well, but mostly I can just say Irish or Scottish slang or words. I've noticed that I will say "like" or "but" at the end of sentences even when they aren't needed and Elder Benson also does because his last area was in Northern Ireland, so we make each other say the weirdest things. 
We have people we are teaching - Jim and he's great.  He is looking for a job right now and he comes to church every week.  He just isn't ready for baptism yet but he's a really good guy! 
Pearl is the mother of some members and she actually comes to church a lot but she's still just scared of a couple things. 
Some less actives are doing well.  Allen was actually baptised when I was in Aberdeen before but just hasn't been to church in a while but now he's for sure coming back.
Moligetta is doing good too. 
Bob is a wee man that's just the nicest and we actually took him tracting with us a little because he wanted to help us.  Almost all the less actives we are teaching have a goal of the temple in the future. 
Since I was in Aberdeen and it was the other side of the city, I actually haven't run into too many of the same people. 
This week was a blast. I'm loving being with Elder B.  We have been pretty dang busy and have able to see a ton of people. Today we went to a castle that I don't even know where it was and it took a long time to get there so that's why I didn't get to email earlier today.
E-mailing on P-Day

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