Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Teaching Jim is going really well.  He went to Ward Conference and the Stake President talked all about spiritual and temporal self-reliance and building your spiritual foundation.
Finding is actually going really well.  We are just finding at the college all the time and I’m loving it, it’s a blast and we are having amazing conversations with students and we are meeting with a lot of people all the time.
We didn't get any pictures from our castle excursion last week because the road was closed leading to the castle and so we couldn’t go in so I don’t have anything.  I’ll try more next week when we are going to another castle that should be open.  I  haven’t gotten any pictures of the flat yet but I’ll try to do that this week. 
This week we went to Morin’s for lunch and it’s pretty cool because she is a recent convert from when I was in Aberdeen before and I taught her a couple of times when I was on exchanges and she fed us a Nigerian dish called egg pasta that was sooooooo hot.  I was drinking so much water and I was sweating so much and my nose was running and it was so bad because I haven’t had spicy food in so long but it was really good. 
Yesterday for zone development we just played sports all day.  We did chair football and volleyball and dodge ball and it was a lot of fun and I just like feeling sore from doing sports all day. We also had Costco pizza and muffins and it was so much fun.  But, the best part was just talking with all my other missionary friends.
I love you!

Elders Benson, Cavolero, and I

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