Wednesday, February 11, 2015

We're doing a lot of good

The interview with President Brown was great!  We had a couple laughs and it was just really good.  I’m not really nervous any more about interviews.   The zone meeting was ok, they did a lot of role plays, other than that, it was pretty normal.
We have a couple of really good people right now that we are teaching, they are really great, we also had a lot of less-actives come to church! 
The ward has about 75-80, but it feels massive because I got so used to Cumbernauld.

This week was awesome sauce!!  I’m having the best time with Elder Benson.  He’s from Utah and we have a ton in common and we have been going about doing a lot of good. This week we have a lot planned and a lot of people to see.  The weather has actually been really good for the past couple days and today its actually been kind-a warm... it’s been a long time.  Today for P-Day we are going to go on a hike to somewhere. 

Just trying it out.

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