Saturday, August 3, 2013

A little more insight into my previous week.

From handwritten letter with an excerpt written day by day, received August 3, 2013:

Dear Family                                                                                     Aberdeen
July 22, 2013
Ok, this will be the last letter if this letter doesn't go through because I really hope they didn't lose my other ones in the mail.  Today was a nice and easy p-day.  A lot of people emailed me and that was so nice to hear from them and Sister Barlow sent some pictures of the youth hike/walk thing and it was funny because I got to see Adam Hoopes in my hat.  After I was done emailing, we went to a park with the other missionaries to have a campfire which was nice just to talk to people and it's weird because most of them are going home.  After that, Elder Holbrook and I got some braces (suspenders) and we are also excited this week because we got some really good food to make and I have Mom's cinnamon roll recipe and it will be amazing.

July 23, 2013
On exchanges today I went with Elder Meline and he goes home at the end of the transfer so it was weird being on the completely other side of the spectrum.  When I went out tracting with him it was like my first day all over again, I never knew what to say.  But, everything was ok and not too crazy.  Elder Meline is also in a car area so we actually got to see the country-side and it really hit me that 'Wow, I am actually in Scotland!', and I also saw a ton of sheep.  Other than that, it was a pretty normal day.

July 24, 2013
Today marks the one month mark of my being 19!  Since time moves so fast, I still don't feel like it.  Today was a very nice day.  At the end of exchanges Elder Meline gave me pointers since he is going to be done with his mission in two weeks.  He explained that I need to live everyday like it is my last on my mission.  It is great advice.  I  just need to take that step and act.  We also got to teach an English class today with a guy named Neftaki and it turned into a lesson.  He is super funny and really curious which is a good thing.

July 25, 2013
Today was something that I needed, we had an all Scotland conference and so we drove for three hours to the mission home to listen to Elder Texiera and he taught me that I need to work a lot harder and that there still is an importance of street contacting and that it does have a place.  We also got to go into ward council today for the first time because they didn't allow missionaries in until now and we gave a preview of the lesson we will give to the ward on member missionary work.  I feel like this is something this country needs and deserves and I am more than happy to be on the front lines of this change.

July 26, 2013
I'M GOING TO START WRITING IN ALL CAPS TO IMPROVE MY PENMANSHIP WHICH IS VERY MUCH NEEDED.  Today was just really good.  I'm not sure why but everything just went very well.  I also know I just need to work a lot more and with exactness and I also need to show the Lord I can just put in the work and everything will work out.  Time is still an obstacle that I need to overcome but that will only come in time and work.  Today we also had a lesson with a Nigerian woman and we had another approach to ask her if there was anyone she wanted us to pray for and she ended up praying for us after we were done with our prayer.

July 27, 2013  (Mom's birthday)
Today was awesome.  We are pretty busy and the work is really moving and I am so blessed.  I now have confidence that I can do this and I know it will be hard but every time we have hard days that means a good one is soon to come.  We went to some potentials and street contacted pretty much the entire way there and we had a very good dinner appointment and the food was amazing.  Other than that it was a pretty average day.

July 28, 2013
Today was just a really good day.  It was raining like crazy!  So I just had a thought in my head that we should help everyone by holding an umbrella from their car to the building and it might sound weird but I think that thought was from the Holy Ghost because of the rain, that would have not been my idea.  It was a perfect way for the ward to bond with us and that is absolutely what we need and we are doing really well but I know it is because of the Lord.  We ended the night at Sister Holman's (sp?) with a dinner appointment and the food was amazing and I'm just afraid that next transfer when they add the sister Missionaries that they will get all the attention from the ward and the dinner appointments.

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