Monday, August 5, 2013

Saturday Night Live

How can I most aggravate PETA?

OUCH!  UK Exchange Rate

Two weeks ago was the last time we were invited to ward council meeting. The ward is a good ward and I love them. Yesterday I found out that 90% of them are all converts and all were taught with missionaries. The ward is also filled with mainly old people which can be a problem but I know there is a lot of help it needs and that's why I'm here. On average, missionaries stay in one spot for about six months so there is a lot more bonding that will happen. I'm already scared that I'm going to miss the ward and Aberdeen even though I still have at least 3 more transfers to go.
About the castle we went to dinner in - They just rented it until they got all of their stuff from home shipped here and that took a couple weeks so they just rented it because they thought it would be exciting.  They only got to really use five rooms but they are huuuggggeee rooms haha.  They have three kids.  Everyone works here in the oil business and he is a businessman for an oil company.  They had some modern furniture but a lot of it was left authentic.  The castle has a lot of history in it and it's in a movie but other than that, it's just rented out. The gates I was opening were about a quarter mile from the castle itself.  They have one of those LONNNNGGGG dining room tables and it was hard to reach stuff but we all sat together at one end.  Now they live in a normal house...well a normal Scotland house.  
This week the work started off really slow but ended really well.  I miss Top Gear sooo much and everything here is exactly like it - haha. 
We have p-day on Wednesday on the last week of transfers.  We still get to email but today it’s a little later than normal. Today all the missionaries went to the Condies for dinner even though it was lunch time. 
We went to the cliffs!

This week was awesome.  I have to tell you about Saturday.  Ok, so first off we started off in the morning and got 5 street lessons!  Then in the afternoon we met with the zone leaders to get their church key and two drunk guys walked in between us and one got three inches from my face and yelled and swore at the top of his lungs at me and I just tried not to burst out laughing. Then later that night we ran into Frank, a recovering alcoholic that we talked to and he was super interested. He was actually on his way to an AA meeting and said he needed religion in his life and that he was a part of the Church of Scotland but he said that doesn’t really mean much because he was just born in it. He said that he knew what we had to say would help his life and he knew that it would strengthen his bond with his family... and we didn’t even say anything yet haha.  Then he asked if he could go to our church which was in less than 24 hours and so we gave him our information and he thanked us greatly.  Then a little after that a homeless man that we know that’s a really nice guy and he knows a lot about religion was talking to us and asked if we had a pound or two.  I knew he was good for it but missionaries can’t give out money. Then a man from across the courtyard at castle gate yells at us "are you Jehovah witnesses!?" and I just said "No, Mormons" then he replied "Oh, do you have 5 wives" I then said "nope" and the guy and his friend asked the homeless man what he wanted and he said oh just a couple pounds for food.  Then the man reached in his pocket and gave him a bunch of change and said, “Here this is from me and not from whatever they believe in.”  Then another man walks over and yells, “Are those j-dubs?”  and the drunk man said, “No, Mormons.” and the guy runs up to me, pushes me to a wall and says,  “C'mon, convert me! You have 10 seconds!”  and I just was like, “Ummm I can’t convert you, you have to convert you.” and so Elder Holbrook was talking to the homeless man and there were three drunk guys yelling and swearing at me and I was loving it, it was sooooo funny. Then two Christian ladies walked by and asked if I was doing ok and I said, “I’m ok but thank you for asking.”  They continued walking and the three drunk men cooled down a little and one left.  The other got more drunk and then left and the last one, we actually had a good conversation on why bad things happen to good people and he walked away and I said, “Hey, anytime you see us just give us a wave.”  So we gave him a card and asked if he would check it out when he got a little more sober.  Then the homeless man came back and he had pop and some crisps and we talked to him and sat next to him and met his homeless brother that worshiped the devil.  I was just like..... 'ok.' And we almost got accepted into the homeless mafia which was cool and to end off the night we had a homeless prayer circle. haha   Mom, if you’re scared I was in danger, I was okay. This happens a lot and Elder Holbrook told me that I just looked so happy when I was talking to the drunk people that it was funny. Anyways, I love you all and I’m actually really loving the work. 
I love the scriptures you send me.
Elder Hanson                                                                
First time on a train

Aberdeen International Market


  1. Nothing phases you, Rick. I can totally see you laughing at all that.

  2. Oh, pretty cliff pictures. The place looks beautiful.