Sunday, August 25, 2013

More details from last week from hand written letter received Saturday, August 24

Dear Family,

August 12, 2013

I love you all so much and the letters from Mom always lift me up. Today we went to Slaines Castle and it was super cool to look and walk through it.  We had Sister Gilmore drive the sisters and the Carson's joined and we drove with the zone leaders and bumped up bagpipe Scottish music on the way there.  Over all, a really fun day.  Also I remember looking at the ocean and you could see for miles and it was amazing.

 August 13, 2013

I’m still trying to figure out everything but I think I understand a lot of mission life.  There is always more to learn.  I care about the members.  I just believe the ward needs to love us in order to have the desire to help us.  Elder Holbrook is an amazing worker, he is always on task but he has a hard time talking to people.  Sometimes I just talk to people just to have them not be afraid of us.  I’m saying all of this because we went over to the Condies and they are grandparents and the son and his wife live there until their house is built with their two new grandchildren, a lovely family, and I talk about Zoey, Bryson, and Ivy the entire time. I am still learning from Elder Holbrook every day and he knows more but I believe I am with him to strengthen myself with talking to people so I am blessed.

 August 14, 2013

Today was just a full day of learning.  We had zone conference and I learned I need exact obedience and that I do have to give it my all and be more excited about things.  It was weird because President knew exactly who I was and my name and we just talked about how I’ve been getting along with missionary work and things like that while waiting in line for lunch.  Tonight we went to see Brother Davis.  I love Brother Davis.  He is super funny and the nicest man ever.  He explained to me something that I will live by forever.  He told us what had just happened with a girl he was planning on marrying and he told us also how his first wife cheated on him and his second wife that he had a son with died soon after and you would never believe all this man had been through because how strong he is in the Gospel and how happy he is.  He taught me two things: 1.  Enjoy your mission because how hard it seems now, life after will be harder.  2.  Love is not enough, you need to DO all you can for your wife all the time and hold on to her forever.  Also if you aren’t willing to give her all you got then she deserves better. 

August 15, 2013

Today wasn’t too eventful, just a lot of weekly planning.  We also helped Sister Lamb with moving things to her attic and I put together a shelf and a radiator cover so it was fun just putting those kinds of things together.  Elder Holbrook and my goal is to find new interesting finding ideas and my mind always goes blank.

August 16, 2013

Today was just a really good day!  We had a lot of lessons on the street and got a lot of potentials out of it.  Today I think we saw a small miracle.  We were taking the bus to a potential investigator where we knew where they lived maybe and they were perfect because they literally walked up to us two months ago and said, “We are interested, could we get lessons or something?”  But since we had to go to another appointment we forgot to ask for their number and info.  Well anyway, we were on the bus to go to the place where we MIGHT find them and they walked on the bus a couple stops after us and we had the biggest smiles on our face and now we will meet with them next Wednesday.  

August 17, 2013

Today was not a bad day.  We had some really good lessons and the sisters in the Bridge of Dawn had an investigator that wanted to get baptized and was interviewed by Elder Holbrook because he is the district leader and he got to the question of who she wanted to baptize her and to do the ordinance and she said she didn’t know any men with the priesthood  and she just asked if could do it and he was just like, “Sure.”  But was freaking out on the inside.  So anyway her baptism was today and even though we never taught her, Elder Holbrook has 8 baptisms but that was his first time performing the ordinance.  I don’t count it because I just went, but it does show that baptisms do happen.  We also ran into Jamie Wallis, a kid with red hair about our age and was related to William Wallis but he just said, “So what are you guys about?  I see you all the time and I’ve always wanted to talk to you.”  And he said he is addicted to hard drugs and he wants help off them.  We said, “Well, we can help.”  I also found out Jeffrey R. Holland (My idol) served in the Britton mission and I can relate to him because he knows exactly how it is and went through the same experiences that we talk about on his mission because things are the same all over the UK.

August 18, 2013

Today was a really great Sunday.  Surprisingly Sunday school and priesthood were both about relationships and temple marriage. I did actually learn a lot.  It was Brother Davis’s last week teaching Sunday school and he was an amazing teacher.  I learned that if you want to have a relationship you need to love God a little more and that I really need to be the best husband and father I can be.  I know that I really shouldn’t be worrying about it but I just want to change myself and let the Lord mold me to who He wants me to be. 

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