Monday, September 1, 2014

Going Well

We weren't able to teach Bernice this week but we are scheduled for next week and things are looking good. We also got to teach Zarah and it went really well.  We got to teach "the scary lessons", the word of wisdom and tithing, but it was good because she was really fine with following both, with no problem. We also went to the Bryson's last night and they are just doing amazing.  They are giving their oldest son a Book of Mormon to help him strengthen his belief. It was just a really good lesson.  I also got to just go on a bunch of exchanges this week and I had a blast with both of them! I got to go to Brother Bonalie's farm again and got fed the most food ever. It was crazy, but really fun.  I was with Elder Cavalero and I love him so much.  He's from Italy and we just get along super well. That's pretty crazy that Sam is already home.  I can tell he's changed a lot and that's really good! 
I love you and hope everything went well with dad. Love you all! 
Belfast Zone Meeting September 2, 2014.


Belfast Castle

Elder & Sister Forsyth

We both got new coats because ours were trashed last winter so we
decided to take some pictures because we look good.

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