Monday, September 8, 2014

Good Week

"Good Morning on another stunning sunny Sabbath day. We have just come back from fast and testimony Sunday it was amazing the spirit was so strong and we loved it. We sat together as a family with Elder Hanson on one side and his companion on the other. We had a lesson on Friday night with Elder Hanson and it was the best, We have noticed how he is changing and really growing into his mission. My husband said he knew what this meant cause when he got to the same stage he felt he had turned a corner. Elder Hanson had a greenie with so it may have been that which made us see it more. We told him how proud we are of him and how we've seen him as a teenager before but now he stands taller and looks so different, he is such an amazing young man. The way he talks, he is now confident to take the lead and the way he talks about the Gospel is so inspired. On a different note just to reassure you, we got him all new socks so he has 15 new pairs and can now throw out the ones with holes. We got dress and sport socks and we will make sure he had gloves, a scarf and hat for winter. We took a pic outside church this morning not mine and Russell's best look. Sorry I have not been in touch for over a week, I have been working late a lot if nights so come home and flake out. I work in the main college here in Belfast. Well love to you all hope your hubby is doing well he is in our prayers always as are all of you. Love you all chat soon Bernie, Russell & Cater xoxoxo"

From Elder Hanson:
This week was really fun! We are still teaching Bernice, but we have lost contact with Zarah and we are trying by her tonight hopefully to clear anything up.  The Bryson’s came to church and I don’t see them leaving anytime soon :). This week Elder Simpson and I were trying by a less active family that weren’t in and we saw this opening in the woods and almost simultaneously said, “Let’s see where that goes.”  So we took this trail that ended up at a farm with a petting zoo and we saw a sign that said creamery and so we thought let’s get some ice cream and we walked in the ice cream store and had just a really nice conversation with the girl that worked there on why as Americans we came all the way over there for some ice cream –haha.  Anyways, it was really fun and I got to touch a pig! 
Later on in the week I went to Portadown and we went over to the Stevenson’s and Bro. Stevenson is a Viking at the history museum and Sis. Stevenson taught me how to spin wool from scratch and that was really cool and even later that week I went to the Willis's for dinner and got to go see their cows. So this week was pretty full of animals and I think it was awesome. I love you Mom, and I know Dad is the best example I could have and hope you have fun with Zoey and Ivy!  

The Bryson's!

Ice Cream!
WILLIS Pasture

I want chocolate milk!

Elder Simpson got these pants from his sister who served in Hong Kong.

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