Monday, September 29, 2014


Ha, yeah I feel like I’m pretty much back in Airdrie. It has a lot of differences but the people have a lot in common.  Elder Bates is a good guy.  He’s actually from Olympia.  We are teaching a couple of good people but I still haven’t met them all.  It’s pretty interesting because none of the missionaries are the same but it will be nice to see Airdrie again. To be honest I hope that I won’t spend too much time over here because I feel like I’m seeing a lot of the old things and it doesn’t keep things the most interesting.  I’m really happy to serve here but yeah, I’m going to miss Ireland, it took a piece of my heart when I left.
Wow that is a pretty big surprise that Shorewood is doing pretty well.  It’s going to be nice to go to see one of those games again I just wonder if I’ll be wearing a kilt or not haha. 
Ulster is kind-a the Northern Ireland thing so yeah, I meant ulster. I’m going to try to get the ulster flag before I go home (Northern Ireland flag) 
I wear my glasses off and on but I mostly wear contacts.  Yeah, I’ve pretty much dropped the ball on weekly handwritten letters it gets harder to think of things to write the further you get out because you just get used to things. 

I can tell from the few days that I have been here that this is going to be a pretty humbling area. There are about 30 members at church on Sunday and this area feels like the smallest place I have ever been which is the hardest part.  But I know that I was sent here and I am meant to find them and bring them back home. I love you and I have faith that Dad will be ok. 

I see old people.

Cumbernauld Apartment.

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