Monday, September 15, 2014

We're Still Fishin'

Mom, Never put any of your grandkids on a child leash. So many moms do that here and it is so weird.
It would just be easier to send things to the mission home. This week was pretty interesting. On Sunday Sister Tracy asked the ward to pray for Bernice to find out a way to leave her church without offending anyone.  Later in the week we found out that her church just went through a huge financial scandal and there were tons of cameras and she didn’t want to be a part of it.  So I guess you should be careful what you pray for- haha.  She also said, “Well I guess I know this church is true and God knows I know it is too.”  She’s already making the steps for baptism and it’s just amazing.  It’s just a bummer that I’ll probably be gone before she is baptized.  She also went to church on Sunday and it was really good.  I taught the YSA class and I really like teaching in that class. The Bryson’s are also doing great.  Bro. Bryson showed up with a suit and white shirt on and it was the best sight ever.  Other than that, we are still always chappin and street contacting.  This next week should be a lot of fun and today we are going mini golfing for p-day! 

District Meeting (Elder Forsyth's pix)


Temperature:  Low 54, High 66, partly sunny.

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